Disease: Pseudocercospora leaf spot

Pathogen: Pseudocercospora rhapisicola, Pseudocercospora spp. (fungus)

Hosts: Adonidia merrillii, Chamaedorea erumpens, Chamaedorea sp., Cocos nucifera, Hyophorbe sp., Pritchardia spp., Raphis excelsa, Rpahis sp., and Syagrus romanzoffiana

Symptoms: a slowly developing disease; initial leaf spots are tiny, faintly chlorotic or light green flecks less than 0.5 mm diameter; mature lesions are elliptical or circular along parallel veins; mature lesions are often surrounded by pinpoint satellite (secondary) lesions; large spots eventually coalesce, becoming irregularly circular to elliptical surrounded by chlorotic halos; premature defoliation.

IPM: strict sanitation and removal of infected leaves; solid-cover greenhouses; approved fungicides (mancozeb); reduce overhead irrigation; plant spacing; humidity control

Fungicides*: Dithane (mancozeb); Banner Maxx, Medallion, Heritage, others


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