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This training is designed for Program Assistants working with clients from the U.S. affiliated Pacific Islands. The training is intended to provide them with the tools necessary for improving access to the clients and more effective program delivery.

The training has been designed so that part can be completed as self study on-line, at your own pace. In order to complete the training you will participate in two facilitated face-to-face sessions with a small group of program assistants.

By the end of the training you will:

  1. Know the community demographics, resources, and issues, in order to better meet the needs and abilities of Pacific Island (PI) participants.
  2. Understand the factors that influence an individual's food behavior, e.g. culture, history, geography, food, life events for Micronesian & Polynesian cultures.
  3. Meet the nutrition education needs of eligible PI clients through acquisition of rudimentary language skills, and an increased understanding of the types of food preparation and cooking skills needed by clients.
  4. Identify adaptations to nutrition education materials to increase their suitability for use with PI clients (oral culture and ESL).

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