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Getting Started [4 pages; 129 KB]
Plant needs, garden design, plant space needs, tools and materials, containers, planting mixtures.


Plants and Planting: Outside & Larger Containers
[6 pages; 240 KB]
Choosing seeds, transplanting, preparing your soil, timing your planting.


Plants and Planting: Indoor & Smaller Containers
[6 pages; 247 KB]
Choosing seeds, transplanting, growing indoors, what to grow, timing your planting.

Feeding and Watering [4 pages; 68 KB]
Feeding your plants, types of fertilizers, watering.

Compost [6 pages; 86 KB]
Recycling, how composting works, making a compost pile, troubleshooting, vermicomposting.

Pests and Diseases [4 pages; 85 KB]
Prevention, pests, home made bug sprays, diseases, ask the experts, weeds.

Harvesting and Food Safety [4 pages; 177 KB]
What plant parts we eat, Fruits and Veggies—More Matters, harvesting, food safety, using herbs.


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