Hawaii CES' Nutrition Education for Wellness (NEW) team has created 6 webinars especially designed for 4-H club and other youth group leaders as a training tool to use the Health Kids Club (HKC) curriculum. The HKC curriculum is geared for youth in the 3rd-6th grades and stems from the eXtension's: Families, Food and Fitness resource area and is based on the belief that teaching children healthy behaviors can help to lay a foundation for healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

4-H club and youth leaders who complete both the pre and post survey and view all 6 webinars (which are 10-15 minutes long) will be eligible to borrow a HKC kit which includes the project manual and supplies necessary to implement the curriculum.

Steps For Completing Training Series:

  1. Complete Pre Survey.
  2. Click on each of the boxes below and listen to the taped training session.
  3. Complete Post Survey - on survey, indicate if you would like to use a Health Kids Club Kit (which includes Manual and Training Props)
  4. Complete Tally Sheets for each Lesson and Submit to:
    • Nutrition Education for Wellness
      c/o Julia Zee
      875 Komohana St.
      Hilo, HI 96720
    • email to: zee@hawaii.edu



Lesson 1 - Food Safety Webinar Lesson 2 - Enjoying More Fruits and Vegetables Webinar Lesson 3 - Right Size Your Portions Webinar Lesson 4 - Preparing and Eating More Meals at Home Webinar Lesson 5 - Move More Everyday Webinar Lesson 6 - Rethink Your Drink Webinar



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