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Planning a menu for your work event? Before you pick up that box of doughnuts, consider using Meeting Well, a set of simple tools for planning healthy meetings and events.

Why Think Healthy?

Heart disease and cancer - the number one and two causes of death - are largely affected by what we eat and how active we are. In fact, one third of all cancer deaths could be prevented if we ate more fruits, vegetables, and grain foods; ate less fat and drank less alcohol; and increased our physical activity. These changes are not only good for overall health and disease prevention, they make you feel better, look better, and have more energy. Meeting Well helps us by providing tools, including a handy guidebook, that make it easy and fun to choose healthy foods and activities - even at work.


ACS Meeting Well Resources




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Teens Act to Improve Health in Their Communities

School lunch will never be quite the same at one US middle school, where a group of students worked to have their friends' favorite healthy foods added to the cafeteria menu. Those students participated in the ACS Generation Fit program.

Through Generation Fit , students ages 11 to 18 take part in community service projects that promote more physical activity and healthier eating among their friends and families, and in their schools and communities. The young activists themselves come away better educated about good nutrition and the need to stay physically active.

ACS Generation Fit Resources

American Cancer Society
Resources for healthier living from the American Cancer Society

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