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Problems with Flash
Adobe Flash Player 10 Fix
for WinXP, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, etc.

This is a possible solution for most users:

  1. Under the Administrator account on your computer open up My Computer.
  2. Click on your C:\ drive. Then look for the WINDOWS folder.
  3. In that folder click on system32 and look for the Macromed folder and open the Flash folder inside.
  4. In the Flash folder look for a file named FlashUtil10b.exe or something similar.
  5. If its not the 10b or 10c version, double click on it and it will update your flash player to the latest version.

(For Vista users your folder order will be Computer > C: Drive > Windows > System32 > Macromed > Flash for Vista)

Going directly to the website and downloading a new version of Adobe Flash Player, and installing, doesn't uninstall the older version, (though it says it does) nor does it fix the problem. They included this bug fix in revision 10b. This fix should work for those of you whom cannot view/see flash images as well.

There also appears to be a bug/reference problem with the installation of Internet Explorer 8 giving the error "Missing Shockwave Decompression XTRA", when trying to play a Shockwave/Flash file, which seems also to affect Firefox and other browsers. It doesn't recognize that the folder or files that it needs in it, exist. In the system32 folder the updater is built into Adobe. Version 10a does NOT automatically update, but version 10b includes this fix. Doing the update as described above fixed the problem, and updated it to version 10b.

This works great for XP users but not sure of the Vista users. The process is the same for Vista and the update should still work the same, as long as you run it as Administrator.

If you do not have Adobe Flash Player go to and install it (free download).

It is recommend that those who are not using Internet Explorer 8, or Firefox 3.5, get the updated versions. Below, are some links that should help you with Adobe Flash Player.

If your looking for a TRUE FULL INSTALL, you can download this developer version for Windows and Mac:··· (44MB) (If you download this, its recommended that you still follow the instructions for the Flash Utility before restarting your computer.)

Recommended all users having problems try the above solution first.

Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 has Adobe Flash Player coding built into the browser so that it not only loads faster but works better.

You still need to have the Adobe ActiveX plug-in and Adobe Flash Player for both browsers.

If you have Internet Explorer 8 or FireFox 3.5 Beta 4, and you are still having problems, then I recommend that you go to and get all of the latest updates (including SP3), then try this fix again.

Your auto-updater built into windows (If you even have it on) doesn't always pull down every update available for your computer. It only pulls down the manditory ones. Sometimes you HAVE to go to the website and manually get them yourself. It is recommended when you go to the website, that you click on custom install and pick ALL of them to install, which includes, hardware and software fixes for your computer.

Make sure your computer stays up to date.

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