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Kids Too! was a pilot program open to children, ages 6-12, of Kauai's Great Weigh Out members, to learn healthy eating and incorporate physical activity with their parents.

The program was based on the family approach and emphasized making lifestyle changes together.

Weight loss was NOT a component of Kids Too!.

Food Pyramid Game

Play a game to test your knowledge of the different food groups.  Learn how to choose healthy foods to eat every day.

The Food Pyramid game

Warm Ups & Cool Downs

Learn some easy warm ups prior to exercise and cool downs after exercise.  Take a short walk and participate in a mini obstacle course.

warming up before a workout

In A Heartbeat

Learn to take your pulse and find your target heart rate. Practice jumping rope to some catchy jump rope tunes.

running in place to find a target heart rate

Gasping for Air

Discover how long term smoking affects lung capacity. Participate in a "Follow the leader" walk to celebrate your healthy lungs.

breathing through straws shows how important healthy lungs are

Color Your Plate

Learn about different fruits and vegetables, be able to identify them and conduct a taste test for each.  Make a "friendship" fruit and vegetable salad together.

coloring your plate leads to better tasting and healthier meals

Show Your Stuff

After eating some vegetables and fruits, create a Kids Too t-shirt using vegetable and fruit parts to show your commitment to eating at least 5 a day!

making vegetable-print shirts

Fast, Easy, Smart Food

Look at fast foods and determine which ones are better choices.  Find the fat and sugar content of some familiar fast foods.

measuring the amount of fat found in fast foods

Milk Mustache Challenge

Learn how skim, 2%, whole and soy milk are different.  While blindfolded, taste each to see which you like best.

taste testing milk preferences- most kids like skim & soy milk

Read a Label; Choose a Snack

Learn how to read Nutrition Fact Labels and how they can be used to choose healthy snacks.

learning to choose the right snacks

Food Safe, Kid Safe

Learn basic kitchen safety and how to keep your food safe from bacteria.  Use those skills to prepare some healthy snacks.

learning kitchen safety


Kids Too! was a pilot program of Kauai's Great Weigh Out


For more information, contact:

Laura Jean Kawamura
Kauai CES
ph. (808) 274-3471
email: ljk@hawaii.edu

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