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NREM Courses

Brief descriptions of NREM courses are given in the UH catalog. The schedule of classes is online for current semesters.

Undergraduate Courses

The table below lists current information on NREM classes with links to course outlines or syllabi. Scheduled semester (Fall - Spring - Summer) subject to change.

Course Title Semester Instructors
NREM 203 Applied Calculus F-Sp-Sum Yanagida, Lo
NREM 210 Intro to Environmental Science Fall Uchida
NREM 220 Agricultural & Resource Economics Fall Cox
NREM 301 Natural Resource Management (Litton) (Crow) Spring Litton, Crow
NREM 301L Natural Resource Mgmt Lab (Litton) (Crow) Spring Litton, Crow
NREM 302 Natural Resources & Environmental Policy Fall-Spring Carlson
NREM 304 Fundamantals of Soil Science (Deenik) (Crow) Fall Deenik, Crow
NREM 306 Environmental Ethics Fall 2015 Idol
NREM 310 Statistics in Agriculture & Human Resources F-Sp-Sum Lo
NREM 311 Current Topics Plant Science   Wieczorek
NREM 341 Accounting & Financial Analysis Fall Schell
NREM 351 Enterprise Management Spring Cheah
NREM 358 Basic Environmental Benefit Cost Analysis Summer Online Cox
NREM 380 Tropical Forestry & Agroforestry   Idol
NREM 420 Community and Natural Resource Management Fall Cox
NREM 429 Spreadsheet Modeling for Bus & Economic Analysis   Leung
NREM 450 Wildlife Ecology & Management Fall 2015 Price
NREM 461 Soil and Water Conservation   TBD
NREM 463 Irrigation and Water Management   TBD
NREM 475 Plant Nutrient Diagnosis in the Tropics Spring Online Miyasaka
NREM 477 GIS for Resource Managers Fall-Spring Miura
NREM 480 Applied Forest Ecology Spring 2015 Litton
NREM 491

Research Methods in Population Management and Conservation

Fall 2015 Price
NREM 492 Internship Fall Idol
NREM 494 Environmental Problem Solving Fall TBD

Graduate Courses

Course Title Semester Instructors
NREM 600 Evaluation of Natural Resource Management Fall Idol
NREM 601 Economic Analysis of Natural Resource Management Spring Chan-Halbrendt
NREM 605 Research Skills Spring Yanagida
NREM 611 Resource & Environmental Policy   Oleson
NREM 612 Predict & Control Degradation Terrestrial Ecosystems Spring Crow
NREM 627 Applied Microeconomic Analysis   Yanagida
NREM 631 Sustainable Agriculture Seminar TBD
NREM 637 Resource Economics   Tarui
NREM 652 Information Research Skills   Herring
NREM 658 Advanced Environmental Benefit Cost Analysis Summer Online Cox
NREM 660 Hydrologic Processes in Soils   TBD
NREM 662 Watershed Hydrology   TBD
NREM 664 Small Watershed Modeling   TBD
NREM 665 Coastal and Wetland Ecology and Management   TBD
NREM 671 International Agricultural Systems   Chan-Halbrendt
NREM 677 Remote Sensing of the Environment   Miura
NREM 680 Ecosystem Ecology Spring 2016 Litton
NREM 682 Restoration Ecology Fall 2015 Litton
NREM 685 Landscape Ecology TBD TBD
NREM 690 Conservation Biology TBD TBD
NREM 691 Advanced Topics in NREM:Environmental Benefit Cost Analysis

Summer Online

NREM 691 Advanced Topics in NREM: Forest Nutrition & Biogeochemistry


NREM 695 Master's Plan B Capstone Preparation


NREM 696 Master's Plan B Capstone Experience


NREM 699 Directed Research Spring/Fall All Faculty
NREM 701 Research Seminar Fall 2015 Garrod