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HBT: Protecting 10,000 ha of East Maui Watershed against miconia

in partnership with Maui invasive Species Committee & National Park Service (J. Leary)

Rainwater Catchment Extension Program

CTAHR open house educates about local & international water quality/quantity concerns.

Rainwater Catchment Extension Program

Old wooden rainwater catchment tanks demonstrate harvesting rain Hawaii-style.

Hawaiʻi Renewable Resources Extension

HawaiiRREA has a channel at YouTube featuring virtual video field days.

Hawaiʻi Forestry Extension

Miss the field day? Download handouts from the program at Forestry Extension.

Extension Programs in Economics

Extension materials educate the public about important natural resource issues.

Hawaiʻi Forestry Extension

Koa Field Day at The Nature Conservancy-Hawaii Kona Hema Preserve.

Hawaiʻi Forestry Extension partners with Weed Management in Hawaiʻi

Herbicide application for grass suppression in koa establishment.

Extension and Outreach

Community Economic Development

The community economic development work undertaken by the Cooperative Extension Service in the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) covers a broad spectrum of activities that include community economic development, leadership development, and interdisciplinary research, service and education that supports and strengthens families.

Hawaiʻi Forestry Extension

Learn about Hawaiʻi Forestry at the Hawaiʻi Forestry Extension program. Find information about tree species, tree pests and diseases, and forestry research. Find links to major topics relating to Hawaiʻi Forestry.

Rainwater Catchment Extension Program

Rainwater catchment meets a wide variety of residential, agricultural, commercial, and recreational needs while minimizing run-off and watershed pollution. In addition, rainwater catchment is a valuable tool to make the most of existing natural resources, avoid water shortages, and promote sustainable living.

Renewable Resources Extension

The Renewable Natural Resources Extension Program at the University of Hawai‘i is a Targeted National Program supported primarily by the USDA. The goals of RREA include development of a stewardship ethic, an appreciation of biodiversity, and a knowledge base that will sustain natural resources. Contact: Dr. J.B. Friday.

4-H Youth Development Program

4-H is one of the oldest and most effective programs of non-formal education in Hawaiʻi. The 4-H classroom is a world of real hands-on projects and demonstrations, leadership development, and personal economics. 4-H teaches pride in workmanship and accomplishments, personal interaction with peers, and respect for the environment.

Weed Management in Hawaiʻi for Agriculture and Conservation

The Weed Management in Hawaiʻi website and program provide novel examples of broad applications in weed management that are being scientifically proven to work in Hawai'i. There will be many examples where herbicide applications are the safest and most effective techniques. However, there are likely to be just as many examples where “organic” solutions give excellent opportunities for improving land management.

Water Quality Extension Program

The Water Quality Extension Program at the University of Hawaiʻi, CTAHR is a public education and outreach program emphasizing the protection of Hawaii's water resources, including water for drinking, domestic use, irrigation, industry, recreation and natural marine and freshwater ecosystems.


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Dr. Catherine Chan

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Dr. Tomoaki Miura

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Dr. Travis Idol