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Articles from CTAHR Research News

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An integrative approach to conservation and management in a human-dominated world
by Dr. Christopher A. Lepczyk
Assistant Professor NREM (May-June 2010)



CRN news iconUnderstanding and protecting Hawai‘i’s unique ecological heritage in the face of global change
by Dr. Creighton Litton
Assistant Professor NREM (Nov 09)



CTAHR Research News

Remote sensing of Vegetation Dynamics from Island, to Continental, to Global Scales
by Dr. Tomoaki Miura
Assistant Professor, NREM (April 09)


CTAHR Research News

Preventing Degradation of Hawai‘i’s Watersheds with New Technologies and Mauka to Makai Linkages
by Greg Bruland
Assistant Professor, NREM (May 08)


CTAHR Research News

Natural resources policy for Hawaii: CTAHR’s Cutting-edge Research
by Chennat Gopalakrishnan
Professor, NREM (Sept 07)


CTAHR Research News

CTAHR’s Community Economic Development Program: High Impact Research
by Linda J. Cox
Specialist in Community Development, NREM (Apr 07)


CTAHR Research News

Protecting Hawaii’s Watersheds and Riparian Environment with the latest Science and a Dedicated Team
by Ali Fares
Professor, NREM (June 06)


Environmental Valuation and Product Marketing

Dr. Catherine Chan-Halbrendt

Environmental management research is being conducted in the area of invasive species control, streamwater flow, plastic bags alternative and willingness to pay for bottle fee. Use of environmental valuation methods such as conjoint choice experiment and latent class analysis have been dominant in NREM economic research on environmental assessment.  For example, values for Miconia and Crofton weed eradication, plastic bag reduction and a Bottle deposit fee for a cleaner environment were studied.

Product marketing or consumer preference research on avocado, Albanian wine and olive oil, farming fish in East Timor and Kona coffee are examples of research studies undertaken to promote better understanding of the preferences, attitudes, and consumer behavior of a population. Methods used for conducting studies are supply chain analysis and conjoint choice analysis. Such experiments have been funded through various sources such as United States Agency for International Development through the Higher Education for Development (USAID/HED), Hatch and McIntire-Stennis.

Geospatial Analysis and Remote Sensing

Large-scale sssessment of Hawaiian dry forest decline and restoration potential with GIS, multi-sensor translation of EOS reflectance and vegetation index products for long term continuity with AVHRR, use of airborne remote sensing. Learn more at the Laboratory for Geospatial Analysis and Remote Sensing.

Hawai'i Forestry Research

Design and analysis of productive and sustainable forestry and agroforestry systems in Hawaii and the Pacific. Learn more at the Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry Laboratory.

Interactive impacts of rising temperature and land use change, ecosystem-level impacts of nonnative grass invasion in Hawaiian dry forests, impact of fire and invasive species on carbon cycling in tropical rainforests. Learn more at the Forest Ecosystem Ecology Laboratory.

Growing and managing the native Hawaiian hardwood Acacia koa, restoring degraded dry forests in Hawaii. silvicultural guidelines for growing koa. Learn more about CTAHR's Forestry Research at the Hawaii Forestry Extension Website.

Watershed Hydrology

Evaluation of Best Management Practices to Protect Water Resources at the Hanalei Watershed. Learn more at the Watershed Hydrology Laboratory.

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