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The Academic Program

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Degrees Offered

B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, and Graduate Resource Management Certificate.

What Are NREM Graduates Doing?

NREM graduates find career opportunities in many natural resource-related fields, including jobs as researchers and scientists, park managers, natural resource managers, program coordinators, and natural resource consulting, to name a few.

Graduate school

Approximately one-third of NREM graduates have gone on to graduate school, some continuing at NREM or moving to related departments at UH-Mānoa such as the Departments of Urban and Regional Planning, Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, and Botany.

Government service

Several students have gone to work for state or federal governments in forestry and wildlife, natural resources, and even for the United Nations. These include students who obtained employment after participating in the federal Student Career Enhancement Program (SCEP).


Some of our graduates are working for institutions that promote environmental education, awareness, and action.


Other graduates are working in natural resources for golf courses, resorts, and landscape companies. Recent graduates in environmental areas have found jobs with engineering, consulting, and development companies.


Although certification is required for public school teachers in most states, some of our NREM graduates are pursuing teaching at the K-12 level.

What Are the Current Opportunities and Future Growth Areas?

We maintain an NREM Opportunities website that lists current and past NREM-related opportunities, including volunteer experiences, internships, graduate assistantships, jobs, and post-doctoral research opportunities. These are opportunities shared directly with NREM faculty and staff, so they represent only a sample of what's available. See our Career page for more information about career resources.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics produces a periodic report of expected job growth for specific careers. The 2012-2022 report for agriculture and natural resource careers is now available. Biological, conservation, and environmental scientists and science teachers are all in the top half of this list.

NREM Graduate Student Organization

The NREM GSO meets on a monthly basis on Friday afternoons in Sherman 103. Visit our webpage for more information.


NREM’s academic programs are assessed every year under the guidance of the UH Mānoa Assessment Office.  View recent results for our

Annual reports submitted to UHM administration are available online at Reports, Plans, and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

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Department Chair

Dr. Catherine Chan

Graduate Chair

Dr. Tomoaki Miura

Undergraduate Chair

Dr. Travis Idol