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Upcoming Events

Second Saturday at the Garden!
New times!! for 2017 SS@G is open 8:30AM-11:30AM
Join UH Master Gardeners on O’ahu and UGC ‘Ohana Volunteers at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center for Second Saturday at the Garden! Garden demonstrations, UH Master Gardener “Got a Plant Question” booth, tours, UH Seed sales, volunteer plant sales and self-tours of the garden available at every event. Visit www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/UHMG to learn more about resources for Home Gardeners!

May 13, 2017    8:30 am - 11:30 am
No Plant Sale: There will be no plants sold at this event.

Workshop: Home Gardener Fruit Fly Management, 9:30am-10:30am
Identify fruit fly damage and fruit fly species, learn how to sanitize, use protein bates, and trap fruit flies. Fruit Fly suppression can be as easy as 1-2-3. Three simple steps to suppress fruit flies and reduce fruit fly damage.
Call to pre-register 453-6050, $5 at the door.

Bonus! Seed Exchange
We are inviting you to share some of your own seeds, cuttings, potted plants, or other materials from your garden. This will be a great chance to see some of the diverse edible and ornamental plants people are growing here in Hawaii. Please start gathering your materials now! All materials need to labeled and brought to UGC on May 13, 2017.
Call to pre-register 453-6050, $5 at the door only for those that have nothing to share. Free to those that bring seeds to share. Walk-ins welcome.

June 10, 2017    8:30 am - 11:30 am

Please join us in Protecting Pollinators! The Bee Hui is coordinating the Pollinators program on June 10 SSAG event at the UGC. There will be hands-on honey bee demonstrations by UH Bee Lab plus displays about honeybees, native yellow faced bees, Kamehameha butterflies plus a Monarch Butterfly tent! Keiki Fun: Make a bee house. Pollinator-themed plant sale PLUS Honey Sales!

Make a pledge to protect pollinators to enter our prize drawing. Please tell your friends and family!

To Bring Back the Pollinators, I will:

  1. Grow a variety of bee-friendly flowers that bloom year round.
  2. Protect and provide bee nests and caterpillar host plants.
  3. Avoid using pesticides, especially insecticides.
  4. Talk to my neighbors about the importance of pollinators and their habitat.

From now, until June 10, 2017, we are encouraging EVERYONE to take the pollinator pledge! All pledges during this time period will be entered into a drawing for a POLLINATOR Habitat sign from the Xerces society, Bee Habitats from the Bee Hui, and other great prizes!

IT’S EASY!! Come to the June SSAG to pledge, or take the pledge online!!!

  1. Go to http://xerces.org/pollinatorprotectionpledge/ learn more, and take the pledge!.
  2. Sign the pledge at the event for a free gift & entry into prize drawing! Or pledge online and be entered for the prize drawing by sending us an email with the message "I pledged to protect pollinators" to OahuMg@ctahr.hawaii.edu.
  3. To answer the question: “Please let us know how you heard about the pledge”, please enter: University of Hawaii - Master Gardeners Program


Download the event flyer here.

July 8, 2017    8:30 am - 11:30 am

Grow More Food: Plant Propagation Outdoor Expo
Experts from our diverse agricultural community will demonstrate how to successfully grow and propagate vegetables, fruit trees, and other plants by seed, cuttings, grafting, and air layering. Cultivate your green thumb by talking part in this outdoor event at the Urban Garden Center (UGC). Learn about the proper tools & techniques to increase production in your backyard and urban gardens. Feed yourself and your neighbor.

Call 453-6050 to preregister. Cost is $20 to join the plant propagation expo. Three grafting workshops will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Grafting workshops scheduled for 8:30, 9:30 & 10:30, and will last 45 minutes each. The event will also host our popular UGC plant sale, free tours & displays from local farm and garden suppliers, organizations, and UH Master Gardeners.

Download the event flyer here.


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