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The Pearl City Urban Garden Center is a drop off location for individuals who would like to use the Agricultural Diagnostic Service.

The Agricultural Diagnostic Service Center (ADSC) is a service unit within the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR). ADSC conducts analyses and diagnostic tests for the people and businesses of Hawaii. Services provided are plant disease analyses, feed and forage analyses, insect identification analyses, chemical analyses of soils, chemical analyses of plant tissue, and chemical analyses of water and nutrient solutions. The specialized service of pesticide residue analyses continues to be conducted by the Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering (MBBE). ADSC also coordinates the interpretation of the analytical and diagnostic results and the recommendations for corrective action. Specific recommendations are ultimately prescribed by CTAHR extension specialists. ADSC handles the billing and collection of service fees.

To send a soil sample to the ADSC:
Use a steel or plastic garden spade or shovel to collect soil cores as follows. Dig a hole to the sampling depth, then cut a 1-inch thick slice from the top to bottom of the hole. Take a 1" wide by 1" thick segment of the slice, and place it in a clean mixing bucket, preferably made of plastic.

Plan to collect soil samples two to three months before planting so you will get your test results in plenty of time to plan your liming and fertilization. Depending on workload, the turnaround time at the lab can be up to two-three weeks. Soil in fields or gardens should be tested at least once every two years.

Fill out the Soil Information Sheet and submit it with your soil sample to the drop off site at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center.

For information on how to take a soil sample, view the guide on this website http://www2.ctahr.hawaii.edu/tpss/research_extension/rxsoil/soilsample.htm

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