Produce and Athlete Website Evaluation

The Produce An Athlete project needs your help! If you visited our website, please answer this survey! We value your feedback! The first 100 individuals to respond will receive a special thank you gift in the mail.

Which website elements did you find useful?


        Washing Hands
        Fruits and Vegetables
Snack suggestions
Potluck suggestions
Helpful Links for parents
Healthy Interactive Links for kids

List the recipes from the website that you have made or plan to prepare:

Washing or sanitizing their hands after practice and games before eating:

My child always does this.
My child is doing this more often since visiting the website
My child/children should be doing this.

They are drinking:

Fruits and vegetables:

My child was already eating enough fruits and vegetables.
My child is eating more fruits and vegetables since visiting the website.
My child should be eating more fruits and vegetables.

What types of snacks are they eating after practice and games?

How easy was it to navigate and use the site?

Very easy
Not very user-friendly

Would you tell a friend or relative about this website?


Additional comments:

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