Pig Production in American Samoa

  • According to the 1999 Agricultural Census, pig inventories on Tutuila, American Samoa, consist of about 34,000 pigs produced at about 2,500 "piggeries". This is about 12,000 more than in the 1990 Agricultural Census (a 55% increase).
  • On average, each piggery has about 14 pigs. Piggeries are widely dispersed - if we assumed that pig production is distributed in accordance with human habitation, then there is an average of about 3 pigs for each family of 5 people living in American Samoa.
  • Piggery construction typically consists of pens with concrete floors, walls made from cinder blocks or wire, and roofs made from corrugated metal panels.
  • Piggeries are located throughout Tutuila: on the Tafuna coastal plain, in or near villages in the valleys, and around the perimeter of Pago harbor. Piggeries are typically near residences, since there is very little farm land on the island. A few piggeries are open, with rock wall fences (a more traditional Samoan production system).