Areas of Research

Aquaculture Biotechnology; Fatty Acid Biotechnology

As department chairman in the last few years, time has been spent nurturing and advancing the department’s award winning research programs in the areas of molecular biosciences and bioengineering given limitations in available resources, its outreach activities (via winning business competitions), and its strong, dynamic and growing instructional programs, both undergraduate and graduate. The morale maintained within the department is considered important as well.

Earlier scholarly work led to formulation of marine shrimp and marine finfish feeds that were not only well considered but also held dominant commercial positions as well. There was a focus on the nutritional as well as palatability aspects of feeds. Live feeds for baby marine fish focused on their fatty acids and led to greater stress resistance for these animals. The omega-3 fatty acid DHA (22:6n-3) was found to be critically important. Work was done with freshwater ornamental fish and ornamental fish coloration with carotenoids as well.

Other aspects of our work with fatty acids led to the development of the Hawaiian oils industry. Kukui nut oil products have made it into the cosmetics industry and macadamia nut oils have made it into the cosmetics as well as the food oil industries.

Recent Publications

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