Herb class at Waimanalo experiment station

Vegetable Production

TPSS 401 (3 credits): This course introduces crop biology, requirements, and sustainable production techniques for commercial vegetable production in Hawai'i. The laboratory component of this class will require multiple field trips to local farms to learn about vegetable production techniques. Taught in spring of alternate years (spring 2016).


Herbs, Spices and Flavorings

TPSS 120C (1 credit): Learn about the culinary, medicinal, and traditional uses of herbs. This class visits the herb garden used by the culinary program at Kapiolani Community College. Taught in spring of alternate years (spring 2016).


Organic Crop Production

TPSS 220 (2 credits): Combined lecture/lab on the theory and practice of certified organic food production. Field visits to organic farms/markets included. Open to nonmajors. Fall only.