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Building Financial Capacity
Non-formal educational projects offered through Cooperative Extension Service

A web-based financial educational course to assist consumers with developing prudent money management skills.
Take Charge of Your Money3!
A special series of educational sessions on Hawaii cable television to help consumers with managing their financial affairs. A telecourse packet that includes Viewer's Guides, resources materials, and specific television schedules is available.
Food & Money Basics
A beginners' food and money management resource to assist limited income persons to manage their money while making healthy food choices.
Lifelong Lessons in Financial Management
Lifelong Lessons in Financial Management is a trainer based project for Hawai’i community agency personnel used to assist their clientele with basic money management skills. Contact:
Personal Finance Lessons for consumers developed and compiled by a partnership of more than 70 land grant universities across the U.S.
1955 East West Road #217 Honolulu, HI 96822
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