Kauai - North West, Upper Limahuli Valley (November 2010)
Akito Kawahara on a field trip with researchers and assistants from Limahuli Gardens Natural Preseve, one of the most pristine valleys on Kauai.

Oahu - Sandy Beach Blowhole (January 2006)
Will Haines photographs Hyposmocoma near the ocean.

Molokai Trip (December 2005)
Will Haines explores Molokai for Omiodes species.

Maui (November 2005)
PhD students Will Haines and Jesse Eiben went insect hunting on Maui.

Molokai Trip (Summer 2004)
PI Dan Rubinoff, graduate student Will Haines and undergraduates Clinton Pong and Jane Winhall-Rice survey the insects found on Kamakou Preserve, Molokai.

Kipahulu Valley, Maui (Spring 2004)
A trip by Jaco and Dan to Haleakala.

Big Island Trip (Spring 2004)
PI Dan Rubinoff takes a trip to the island of Hawaii.

Pictures of Hawaii
Pictures of Maui
A collection of images by Dan during the course of his insect surveys.

Mothmen in Action (Fall 2003)
Early Hyposmocoma Pictures
(Fall 2003)
A brief look at the beginning of the Hyposmocoma project.