Mitchel Logan

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Areas of interest: I am most passionate about the research between entomology and ecology, and working to understand how we can conserve our native insects, and our forests.

Skills: Precision on pipetting and using a microscope. Trained in maintenance of invertebrates, and rearing Lepidoptera. I have a background in the fine arts for illustrating, and I'm creative and adaptable.


University of Massachusetts Amherst
  B.S. in Biology, College of Natural Sciences, 2016
  Minor: Music


Current:Lepidopteran egg parasitouds of Oahu

Current:The percentage of parasitism between various species of moths over two elevation gradients: Ko’olaus and Waianaes.

Summer 2015: Forest Conservation Lab, Undergraduate Research Assistant under Joseph Elkinton and Jeff Boettner
UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA
Spent 3 weeks rearing the tachinid fly Cyzenis albicans for release in eastern MA. Fieldwork included traveling to sites collecting winter moth caterpillars to rear in bulk.Cocoons were dissected under a scope to study parasitization rates from Cyzenis albicans. As a side project I was also working on screening the effects of a bruce spanworm virus on winter moth caterpillars through the use of PCR.

Fall 2015-present: Entomology Research Lab, Undergraduate Research Assistant under Ben Normark
UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA
Extract DNA from scale insects collected all over the world using blood and tissue kits, and mounting them under a microscope. I've also been trained in identifying scale insects from the family Diaspididae, and wrote a key for a new scale species. I'm also trained in illustrating scale species from a microscope.

Spring 2013: Tropic Field Biology 487H course, Conducted Research in Southern Belize with Adam Porter
UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA - BFREE Belize
Researched and wrote a paper on neotropic puddling behavior in butterflies of southern Belize. This research was conducted along a riverbed in southern Belize and was based around conspecific decoy attraction in puddling compared with heterospecific attraction and seeking to understand the results gathered by looking to predator confusion.

Fall 2011-Summer 2012: Interned with the Head State Entomologist, Trish Hanson
Dep. of Forests, Parks, and Rec., Essex Junction, VT
While working with Trish Hanson I was trained in Buprestid identification and proper labeling techniques for pinned species. I was also trained in proper pinning techniques for varying insect orders such as Coleoptera and Megaloptera. Lastly I created an educational brochure for the public on how to go about identifying and rearing butterflies and moths.