Patrick Schmitz, PhD

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E-mail: pschmitz [at] hawaii [dot] edu
(808) 956-6746
(808) 737-7417
Fax: (808) 956-2428



University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, Systematic Biology.
  Postdoctor in Systematic Biology, 2007-present.
University of Geneva (UNIGE) and Natural History Museum of Geneva (MHNG), Switzerland, Biology.
  Ph.D. in Biology, Advisor: Dr Bernard Landry, 2007
UNIGE, Switzerland, Biology
  M.S. in Biology, 2001
UNIGE, Switzerland, Biology.
  B.S. in Biology, 2000

Computer Skills

  Windows, Macintosh, XP Pro Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  Photoshop 7.0, Coreldraw 12
Programs of phylogenetic analyses
  Bioedit, Modeltest, MrModeltest, MrBayes 3.1.2, NjPlot, Package Multidistribute, PAUP* 4.0b10, Package Phylip, PaML, PHYML 2.4.4, Treeview.

Previous Work Experience

Scientific collaborator at the MHNG
  Sorting and assisting in the Lepidoptera collections, more precisely in those of the microlepidoptera (September 2004-August 2007)
Graduate research assistant in the Department of Zoology and Animal Biology at the UNIGE
  Instructor for practical works in animal systematics (May 2003-August 2004)
Technician at the MHNG
  Sorting and assisting in the Lepidoptera collections, more precisely in those of the microlepidoptera (March 2003-June 2003)
Teaching assistant
  In secondary schools (biology, mathematics, physics, etc.) and in high schools (biology) of Geneva (August 2002-June 2003)


Field Research

Ecuador, Galápagos (March-April 2004; February-March 2005; March-April 2006).
  Microlepidoptera collecting for the PhD project and for an inventory of all of the Lepidoptera of the archipelago
Italy, South Tirol, Venosta/Vinschgau Valley (June 2003; July 2004).
  Volunteer for the Foundation Jatun Sacha, reforestation of the reserve with primary forest tree species; birdwatching; elaboration of a bird checklist of the site.
Australia, Queensland, Warwick (September 2001)
  Volunteer at the University of Brisbane for the Brush-tailed Rock-Wallaby Project, capture, eartagging, and nightwatch of individual Rock-Wallabies Petrogale penicillata, a species considered vulnerable in Queensland.


Schmitz, P. & Landry, B. Catalog of the type specimens of Lepidoptera in the MHNG. In prep.

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Schmitz, P., Cibois, A. & Landry, B. 2007. Molecular phylogeny and dating of an insular endemic moth radiation inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA genes: the genus Galagete (Lepidoptera: Autostichidae) of the Galapagos Islands. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 45: 180–192.

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Schmitz, P. & Landry, B. 2007. Immature stages of Galagete protozona (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Autostichidae) from the Galapagos Islands: description and notes on biology. The Canadian Entomologist 139: 201–208.

Schmitz, P. & Steiner, F. 2006. Autumn migration of Reed Buntings Emberiza schoeniclus in Switzerland. Ringing & Migration 23: 33–38.

Landry, B., Adamski, D., Schmitz, P., Parent, C. & Roque-Albelo, L. 2006. Taygete sphecophila (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera; Autostichidae): redescription of the adult, description of the larva and pupa, and impact on Polistes wasp (Hymenoptera; Vespidae) nests in the Galapagos Islands. Revue suisse de Zoologie 113: 307–323.

Schmitz, P. & Landry, B. 2005. Two new taxa of Galagete (Lepidoptera, Autostichidae) from the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Revue suisse de Zoologie 112: 511–517.

Grants and Awards

Swiss National Science Foundation posdoctoral grant (2007), Bern, Switzerland, 49500 CHF.

“Société Académique de Genève” (2006), Geneva, Switzerland, 1620 CHF.

G. & A. Claraz Foundation (2006), Geneva, Switzerland, 6200 CHF.

“Baslerstiftung für Biologische Forschung” (2005), Basel, Switzerland, 1500 CHF.

Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences (2004), Zurich, Switzerland, 2100 CHF.

E. & L. Schmidheiny Foundation (2004), Geneva, Switzerland, 4550 CHF.

A. Lombard Foundation (2003), Geneva, Switzerland, 5000 CHF.