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American Samoa Water Quality Projects
The American Samoa Interagency Piggery Management Council (ASIPMC)
Background of problems encountered in American Samoa
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  Legal setting Human Health Approach
  Piggery Waste Management Technique Development Program
  Implications of Pig Production on Human Health and the Environment Research Program
  Pig Husbandry and Water Awareness Program & Implementation and Education Program
Piggery Waste Management Technique Development Program
1. Existing small-scale piggery waste management techniques will be researched. The applicability of these techniques to the American Samoa setting will be reviewed and those that are potentially appropriate will be selected.
2. The IPMC will, based on knowledge of the local setting, develop any other management techniques that may be appropriate.
3. Both the selected existing techniques and those developed by the IPMC will be further evaluated and ranked based on their expected applicability, implement ability, and the degree of protection provided to human health and the environment. An evaluation procedure including site testing will be developed for the highest ranked techniques. The evaluation will determine the success of the technique at protecting human health and the environment as well as its applicability and implement ability in the American Samoa setting. The evaluation procedure will include a cost estimate.
4. Results of the evaluation procedures will be examined to determine if an appropriate technique was identified.
5. If one or more appropriate techniques are identified then the development of an implementation program should begin using those techniques. If no appropriate techniques were identified then the research cycle should be repeated but should include any modified techniques developed based on the results of the previous round of research.
References : United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 1999 Census of Agriculture.
Download entire document and piggery photos
American Samoa Interagency Piggery Managment Council American Samoa Interagency Piggery Managment Council.doc
American Samoa Interagency Piggery Managment Council American Samoa Interagency Piggery Managment Council.pdf
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