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Animal Waste Resource Materials
Various publications on Animal Waste Management, Nutrient Management and Pollution Risk Assessment are available as free Adobe .pdf files online at:
University of Hawaii, CTAHR Publications and Information - Free Publications, and at
Agricultural Development in the American Pacific project, ADAP Publications
or by clicking on the individual publication below.
Note: These free documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download a free copy of this software.

Winning poster at the 2005 National Water Quality Conference. Small Scale Livestock Waste Management Practices for Pacific Islands. Click on the image for a close-up of the poster.
Small Scale Livestock Waste Management Practices for Pacific Islands conference poster

Presentations from the 2004 Agriculture Conference are available for viewing. Scroll down to read more about the two sessions on "Entre-manure-ship", the session presenters, as well as to view their individual PowerPoint presentations.


Session 1

For generations we have been treating livestock manures as burdensome "wastes." In this presentation participants were able to rediscover the value of these rich organic fertilizers and learned how to integrate them into their profitable crop, landscaping, or nursery operations. This session featured Dr. Marc Buchanan, an experienced agricultural consultant and researcher from California, who shared practical, "real-world" experiences about the soil and crop benefits of manures and composts in production agricultural operations. Additionally, participants learned how to avoid potential concerns with food safety regulations, odors and material handling.


MARCUS BUCHANAN - Consultant. Ph.D. in Soil Fertility and Systems Modeling from North Carolina State Univ. Marcus works on agricultural nutrient and irrigation management, wastewater application to soil, watershed assessment, compost production, and compost quality assessment. He has conducted on-farm vegetable crop trials with compost and co-developed a compost maturity index. Click here to view this presentation in a new window (viewed best in Internet Explorer).

Sessoin 2 - Practical Tips on Profiting from Manure

Participants learned what farms and businesses across Hawaii are doing to use livestock manures and composts to enrich their soils and their pocketbooks. This session followed up on the morning's "Entre-manure-ship" session by Dr. Marc Buchanan by sharing experiences of local manure, compost producers and users in Hawaii who have discovered how to turn this waste into rich, organic fertilizer. A panel of Hawaii farmers and businessmen explained the composting process and benefits, their successes and challenges and answered audience questions about use of composts and manures.

MARK CUMMINGS – Business Analyst, Staff Agronomist. Mark is a graduate of West Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Agronomy and conducts compost research trials and educational seminars on the microbiology of compost and its interaction with soils in production agriculture, turfgrass, and commercial landscaping. Click here to view this presentation in a new window (viewed best in Internet Explorer).


JAMES TAVARES – Owner/Operator The Grassmaster Sod Farm. Located in the Kula Agricultural Park on the island of Maui. Growers of Seashore Paspalum, St. Augustine, ‘El Toro' and Emerald Zoysia grasses. BS General Agriculture & MS Horticulture Science from University of Hawaii at Manoa. Click here to view this presentation in a new window (viewed best in Internet Explorer).

CARL EVENSEN – Ph.D., Extension Specialist. Provides statewide leadership for extension programs in natural resource management and environmental quality, with University of Hawaii's Cooperative Extension Service. He is responsible for developing and implementing public education and instructional programs on pollution control and water quality and currently focuses on animal manure management. Click here to view this presentation in a new window (viewed best in Internet Explorer).


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