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Young Jin  Bahng

Name :

Young Jin Bahng

Title :

Associate Professor

Unit :

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Address :

2515 Campus Road
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Miller Hall 201C

Phone :


Fax :


E-mail :

Professional Prep/Appointments :

Ph.D. – Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management,  Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA


Projects :

Female entrepreneurs' managerial performance and well-being
Developing retail buying models and comparing across nations-Hatch project
Retail service quality for consumers with disabilities - Seed project

Courses Taught:

FDM 221 Textiles
FDM 437 Small Business Start-Up
FDM 471 International Apparel Trade Issues
FDM 469 Field Trip Study in the Fashion Industry
FDM 499 Directed Reading and Research (Independent Study)
AHRM 2264 Introduction to the Fashion Industry (Virginia Tech)
FCS 217 Textiles 1 (Lecture and Lab; Indiana State University)

Research Interests :

  • Retail buying behavior and assortment planning strategies
  • Market segmentation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global fashion industry
  • Body image and psychology

Papers in peer-reviewed journals

Bahng, Y., Kincade, D. H., & Rogers, F. T. (2018). Assortment planning for retail buying, retail store operations, and firm performance. Journal of Distribution Science, 16(8), 15-27.

Bahng, Y., & Reilly, A. (2018). Comparison of Design Preferences in the Hawaiian Shirt and Current Market. Fashion    and Textile Research Journal, 20(4), 1-10.

Bahng, Y. (2018). Consideration of assortment decision criteria: men’s wear vs.

women’s wear and male vs. female retail buyers. International Journal of Industrial Distribution and Business, 9(7), 7-18.

      Bahng, Y.,
Yang, J-H., & Reilly, A. (2016). A qualitative approach to understanding Hawaiian apparel manufacturers’                       exports: Strategic marketing resources, dynamic capabilities, and export barriers. International Journal of Export Marketing. 1(1), 96-113.

       Bahng, Y., Cristi-Kim, M., & Lin, S. (2015, Summer). Retail buying strategies of Hawai’i apparel retailers. Journal of                        Business Leadership, 1, 35-50.

       Bahng, Y., & Choi, S. (2015, February). Korean women’s apparel firms’ product planning strategies to survive the                          effect of recession and fast-fashion. Journal of Korea Design Forum, 46, 139-150.

       Bahng, Y., & Kincade, D. H. (2014). Retail buyer segmentation based on the use of assortment decision factors.                             Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 21(4), 643-652.  (Impact factors: SNIP 2014: 1.249, SJR 2014:   0.657, SJR Marketing: Q2)

       Bahng, Y., Kincade, D. H., & Yang, J. (2013). U.S. college students’ apparel shopping orientation and brand/product                        preferences in the context of college major, Journal of Fashion Marketing Management, 17(3), 367-384.  
                    (Impact factors: SNIP 2013: 1.261, SJR 2013: 0.438, SJR Marketing: Q2, SJR Business and International                              Management: Q2)

        Bahng, Y., & Kincade, D. H. (2012). The relationship between temperature and sales: Sales data analysis of a                                retailer of branded women’s business wear, International Journal of Retail and Distribution management,         40(6), 410-426. (Impact factors: SNIP 2012: 1.081, SJR 2012: 0.626, SJR Marketing: Q2, SJR Tourism,                              Leisure and Hospitality Managemnet: Q2)

                    *SJR Quartile: Q1 means highest values and Q4 lowest values

Committee/editor reviewed publications

         Bahng, Y. & Kincade, D. H. (2013, Fall). Weather and consumer’s apparel behavior. Mental Notes: Research,                                 Knowledge, Health, Wellness.4, 24-27. 

Languages :

English, Korean