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Wayne B  Borth

Name :

Wayne B Borth

Title :

Jr Rsrch

Unit :

Department of Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences

Address :

3190 Maile Way
                    Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

St. John 310

Phone :


Fax :


E-mail :

Specialties :

Plant virology; mycoplasmology: Guava-Disease ManagementMacadamia Nuts-Disease ManagementPapaya-Disease ManagementOrchids in gen.-Disease ManagementForestry in gen.-Disease Management

Professional Prep/Appointments :

Carlsbad High School, California B.A. University of California, San Diego 1971 M.S. San Diego State University 1986 Ph.D. University of Hawaii @ Hawaii 1991

Projects :

Isolation of genes involved in the systemic acquired resistance phenomenon in cucumber.

Research Interests :

Plant virology Molecular plant pathology Insect/plant interactions

Selected Recent Publications :

  • Mangwende, T., Wang, M-L., Borth, W., Hu, J., Moore, P.H., Mirkov, T.E., and Albert, H.H. 2008. The P0 gene of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus encodes an RNA silencing suppressor with unique activities. Virology (accepted for publication).
  • Melzer, M.J., Sether, D.M., Karasev, A.V., Borth, W., and Hu, J.S. 2008. Complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of Pineapple mealybug wilt-associated virus-1. Arch. Virol. 153:707-714.
  • Borth, W.B., Fukuda, S.K., Hamasaki, R.T., , Hu, J.S., and Almeida, R.P.P. 2006. Detection, Characterization and Transmission by Macrosteles Leafhoppers of Watercress Yellows Phytoplasma in Hawaii. Annals of Applied Biology. 149: 357-363.
  • Melzer, M.J., Borth, W.B., Zee, F., Hilf, M.E., Garnsey, S.M., and Hu, J.S.2006.Incidence, distribution, and diversity of Citrus tristeza virus in the Hawaiian islands. In: Proc. 16th Conf. IOCV. Pages 179-186.

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