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Michael  Cheang

Name :

Michael Cheang

Title :

Associate Professor, FamR

Unit :

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Address :

2515 Campus Road
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Kuykendall Annex 7

Phone :

(808) 956-2252

Fax :

(808) 956-9712

E-mail :

Specialties :

Gerontology, financial literacy

Research Interests :

  • Transference of family values to children with respect to family resource management. Explores the relationships between parental values and behaviors in the context of goal setting, short and long range planning, savings and wealth building behavior as they relate to family outcomes and life satisfaction.
  • Developing successful models for helping elementary school children start savings and wealth building habits. Factors at the family, schools, and financial institutional levels that help elementary school-age children start (or discourage them from starting) a savings habit that may be life-changing.
  • Family care giving. Exploring risk and protective factors that enable family (unpaid) care givers to care for their elders in long term care situations.
  • Volunteerism. Exploring the characteristics of older adults who volunteer, why they volunteer, and what keeps them volunteering.
  • Intergenerational projects. Ways in which two generations (e.g., older adults and elementary school children) engage one another in community settings, and the benefits of intergenerational exchanges.

Selected Recent Publications :

  • Masuo, M., Kutara, P., Wall, R. & Cheang, M. 2007. Financial Information Project: Assessing the financial interests of college students. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences. 99(3):29-36.
  • Arkoff, A., Meredith, G., Bailey, E., Cheang, M., Dubanoski, R., Griffin, P., & Niyekawa A. 2006. Life review during the college freshman year. College Student Journal. 40(2):263-269.
  • Braun, K. L. , Cheang, M. & Shigeta, D. 2005. Increasing knowledge, skills, and empathy among direct care workers in elder care: A preliminary study of an active-learning model. The Gerontologist. 45(1): 118-124.
  • Cheang, M. 2003. Aging tends to creep up on us sooner than we imagine… it happens to public health professionals, too! Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. 15(1):1-2. (Invited Guest Editor)
  • Cheang, M. 2002. Older adults’ frequent visits to a fast-food restaurant: Non-obligatory social interaction and the significance of play in a “Third Place". Journal of Aging Studies. 16(3): 303-321.