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Zhiqiang  Cheng

Name :

Zhiqiang Cheng

Title :

Associate Specialist

Unit :

Department of Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences

Address :

3050 Maile Way
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Gilmore Hall 609A

Phone :


Fax :


E-mail :

Website :

Specialties :

turfgrass and landscape pest management, soil ecology, environmental bioindicators, urban ecology

Professional Prep/Appointments :

Ph.D., 2007. Environmental Science, The Ohio State University.

B.S., 2000. Environmental Biology, Nanjing University (P. R. China).

Projects :

Please see more project details on
Lab website:
UH Turfgrass Management Extension Program website:

banyan stem and leaf gall wasps,
lobate lac scale,
coconut rhinoceros beetle,
suppressing Bermudagrass in seashore paspalum turf,
light exclusion approach to renovate turf,
take-all patch of turfgrass,
mini ring of turfgrass,
rover ant (nuisance pest of golf courses), and
hala scale.


PEPS/TPSS 418 Turfgrass Pest Management (offered every Fall)

Academic Interests :

turfgrass and landscape pest management,
soil ecology,
environmental bioindicators,
urban ecology

Selected Publications :

Li, J., Y.-C. Zhao, G.-D. Ren, and Z. Cheng. 2017. Taxonomic study on specimens of the genus Micrencaustes deposited in the Bernice P. Bishop Museum (Coleoptera, Erotylidae). ZooKeys, 645: 27-35.

Moore, A., R. Quitugua, I. Iriarte, M. Melzer, S. Watanabe, Z. Cheng, and J.M. Barnes. 2016. Movement of Packaged Soil Products as a Dispersal Pathway for Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) and Other Invasive Species. Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society, 48: 21-22. 

Bhandari, B.P., and Z. Cheng*. 2016. Trunk injection of systemic insecticides to control stem and leaf gall wasps, Josephiella species (Hymenoptera: Agaonidae), on Chinese banyan (Rosales: Moraceae) in Hawaii. Florida Entomologist, 99(2): 172-177. *corresponding author. 

Sharma, K., Z. Cheng, and P. S. Grewal. 2015. Relationship between soil heavy metal contamination and soil food web health in vacant lots slated for urban agriculture in two post-industrial cities. Urban Ecosystems, 18: 835-855.

Wang, K.-H., T. Radovich, A. Pant, and Z. Cheng. 2014. Evaluating soil and plant health improvement effects of cover crops and vermicompost water extract in a short-term vegetable cropping system. Applied Soil Ecology 82: 26-37.

Bal, H. K., N. Acosta, Z. Cheng, H. Whitehead, P. S. Grewal, and C. W. Hoy. 2014. Effect of soil management on Heterorhabditis bacteriophora GPS11 persistence and biological control in a vegetable production system. Biological Control, 79: 75-83.

Cheng, Z., E. L. McCoy, and P. S. Grewal. 2014. Water, sediment, and nutrient runoff from urban lawns established on subsoil or topsoil and managed with inorganic or organic fertilizers. Urban Ecosystems, 17: 277-289.

Reeves, J., Z. Cheng, J. Kovach, M. D. Kleinhenz, and P. S. Grewal. 2014. Quantifying soil health and tomato crop productivity in urban community and market gardens. Urban Ecosystems, 17: 221-238.

Knight, A., Z. Cheng, S. S. Grewal, K. R. Islam, M. D. Kleinhenz, P. S. Grewal. 2013. Soil health as a predictor of lettuce productivity and quality: A case study of urban vacant lots. Urban Ecosystems, 16: 637-656.

Grewal, S. S., Z. Cheng, S. Masih, M. Wolboldt, N. Huda, A. Knight, and P. S. Grewal. 2011. An assessment of soil nematode food webs and nutrient pools in community gardens and vacant lots in two post-industrial American cities. Urban Ecosystems, 14: 181-194.

Cheng, Z., S. O. Salminen, and P. S. Grewal. 2010. Effect of organic fertilizers on the greening quality, shoot and root growth, and shoot nutrient and alkaloid contents of turf-type endophytic tall fescue, Festuca arundinacea. Annals of Applied Biology, 156: 25-37.

Park, S., Z. Cheng, B. B. McSpadden Gardener, and P. S. Grewal. 2010. Are nematodes effective bioindicators of soil conditions and processes along distance from roads and age of development in urban areas? Journal of Environmental Indicators, 5: 28-47.

Park, S., Z. Cheng, H. Yang, E. E. Morris, M. Sutherland, B. B. McSpadden Gardener, and P. S. Grewal. 2010. Differences in soil chemical properties with distance to roads and age of development in urban areas. Urban Ecosystems, 13: 483-497.

Cheng, Z., and P. S. Grewal. 2009. Dynamics of the soil nematode food web and nutrient pools under tall fescue lawns established on soil matrices resulting from common urban development activities. Applied Soil Ecology, 42: 107–117.

Cheng, Z., D. S. Richmond, S. O. Salminen, and P. S. Grewal. 2008. Ecology of urban lawns under three common management programs. Urban Ecosystems, 11: 177-195.

Cheng, Z., P. S. Grewal, B. R. Stinner, K. A. Hurto, and H. B. Hamza. 2008. Effects of long-term turfgrass management practices on soil nematode community and nutrient pools. Applied Soil Ecology, 38: 174-184.

Briar, S. S., G. B. Jagdale, Z. Cheng, C. W. Hoy, S. A. Miller, and P. S. Grewal. 2007. Indicative value of soil nematode food web indices and trophic group abundance in differentiating habitats with a gradient of anthropogenic impact. Environmental Bioindicators, 2: 146-160. 

Languages :

English; Chinese