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Daniel  Jenkins

Name :

Daniel Jenkins

Title :


Unit :

Department of Molecular Biosciences & BioEngineering

Address :

1955 East-West Rd. #218
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

St. John 511

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E-mail :

Specialties :

Sensors and instrumentation, agricultural diagnostics; molecular testing; remote sensing for natural resource and invasive species management.

Professional Prep/Appointments :

Ph. D. Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA, 2001.
M. Eng. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1996.
B.S. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1995.

Courses Taught:

BE 120 (Quantitative Biology; Spring 2011, Spring 2012)
BE 150 (Introduction to Biological Engineering; 2005 - 2010)
BE 350/350L (Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems; 2003 - 2007)
BE 420 / EE 422 (Sensors and Instrumentation for Biological Systems; 2004 - present)
BE 606 (Instrumentation and Measurement; Spring 2016)
BE/MBBE 625 (Biological Instrumentation; 2005 - 2008, Spring 2018 - present)

Research Interests :

Portable Agricultural Diagnostics: Our laboratory has made significant impacts on developing technologies to facilitate low-cost agricultural diagnostics that can be applied in the field to detect plant disease and otherwise assess plant and animal health. These may also be useful for clinical diagnostics in developing countries operating under many of the resource constraints that generally face the agricultural industry- especially for highly contagious pathogens such as ebola (in humans) or foot and mouth disease (livestock) where transportation of infectious material away from the site of contamination is highly risky. Our lab has developed the first real-time molecular probe ("Assimilating Probes") for use in a truly single step molecular diagnostic reaction conducted under isothermal conditions. This technology has been licensed to the local start-up company Diagenetix Inc., which has also contracted our expertise to develop an extremely cost-effective handheld diagnostic device to conduct testing on-site, and information management software to manage and display the results intuitively. Our technologies are currently in use by a spectrum of agricultural industries for assessing disease risk as part of comprehensive management strategies to reduce pesticide use, control disease spread, and prevent introduction of contaminated materials into the food supply. We continue to work on technologies to integrate sample preparation on large statistically relevant agricultural and environmental samples for rapid enrichment and concentration into volumes suitable for rapid molecular assays.

Our lab has also been highly involved in several projects to develop tools to more effectively manage Hawaii's unique natural environment. For example, we have developed instrumentation and real-time map based interfaces to record critical data from manned aerial operations to find and eliminate incipient populations of weeds in extremely remote, rugged, and sensitive habitat in the Hawaiian islands, and are currently working on unmanned and distributed surveillance technologies to autonomously find invasive species to provide alerts of new introductions, or information to guide future control operations.

Recent Publications :

Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Rodriguez, R., R. L. Perroy, J. K. Leary, and D. M. Jenkins. 2022. Direct Geolocation of Features by Humans and Artificial Intelligence in Unmanned Aircraft System Acquired Imagery for Operational Control of Invasive Plants in Sensitive Natural Habitats. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (under review).
  2. Rodriguez, R., J. K. Leary, and D. M. Jenkins. 2022. Herbicide Ballistic Technology for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Robotics. 11, 22
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  4. Rodriguez, R., R. L. Perroy, J. K. Leary, D. M. Jenkins, M Panoff, T. Mandel, and P. Perez. 2021. Comparing interpretation of high-resolution aerial imagery by humans and Artificial Intelligence to detect an invasive tree species. Remote Sensing 13(17):3503. 10.3390/rs13173503
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Languages :

English, Spanish