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Chin Nyean  Lee

Name :

Chin Nyean Lee

Title :


Unit :

Department of Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences

Address :

1955 East-West Road
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Ag Sciences Building 302D

Phone :

(808) 956-4882

Fax :

(808) 956-4883

E-mail :

Specialties :

Reproductive Physiology Dairy Science: Cattle-Dairy -Pasture ManagementForage Crops in gen.-MarketingCrops in gen.-Agricultural DevelopmentAnimals in gen.-Agricultural DevelopmentPasture in gen.-Management

Professional Prep/Appointments :

Diploma-Univesiti Pertanain, Malaysia 1976; B.S. Iowa State University 1979; M.S University of Wisconsin @ Madison 1982; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin @ Madison 1984

Projects :

Dr. Lee's extension program integrates livestock production in an eco-system that involves land use, waste management and alternative crops. He spent 2 years as director of marketing (Asia) for an international marketing company in 1993-1994. As the first executive director of the Agribusiness Development Corporation, State of Hawaii he helped in the transformation of sugar into diversified agriculture production (truck crops). He continues to be active in international consulting for Asia and Africa.


AnSc. 201
AnSc. 433

Research Interests :

Dr. Lee's research interests include postpartum cow reproduction, dairy production and management. Stress physiology in food animals under the tropical and subtropical environment have been his emphasis. His work can be found in a wide range of journals such as Dairy Sci., ASABE, Int'l Biometrology, Andrology, Environmental Entomology, Zygote, etc. He had also contributed 2 chapters to text books for professionals.

Selected Publications :

Journal Articles

Lee, C.N., K.S. Baek and A. Parkhurst. 2016. The impact of hair coat color on longevity of Holsteins cows in the tropics. J. Anim. Sc and Tech. (In press, 2016).

Putluru, R.K., Y.S. Kim and C.N. Lee. Differential expression of superoxide dismutase (SODs) in bovine corpus luteum during estrous cycle and pregnancy. Pacific Agriculture and Natural Resources 1:1-10.

Lee, C.N., K.G. Gebremedhin, A. Parkhurst and P.E. Hillman. 2015. Placement of temperature probe in bovine vagina for continuous measurement of core-body temperature. Int’l J. of Biometry. 59(9): 1201-1205.

Haq, W.Y., Kang, S.K., Lee, S.B. Lee, Kang, H.C., Choi, Y.J., Lee, C.N. and Kim, Y.S. 2013.  High-level soluble expression of bioactive porcine myostatin propeptide in E.coli.  Appl. Microbiology and Tech. 97(16):8517-8527

Gebremedhin, K.G., C.N. Lee, J.E. Larson and J. Davis. 2013.
Alternative Cooling of Dairy Cows by Udder Wetting. Transactions of ASABE.  56(1):305-310.

Gebremedhin, K.G., C.N. Lee, P.E. Hillman, and T.M. Brown-Brandl. 2011. Body temperature and behavioral activities of four breeds of heifers in shade and full sun. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 27(6): 999-1006.

Hongfei, He, Jin dong, Chin Nyean Lee and Yong Li. 2009. Molecular analysis of spoilage-related bacteria in pasteurized milk during refrigeration by PCR and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis. J. Food Protection. vol. 72(3): 572-577.

Hillman, P.E., K.G. Gebremedhin, S.T. Willard, C.N. Lee and A.D. Kennedy. 2009. Continuous measurements of vaginal temperature of female cattle using a data logger encased in a plastic anchor.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture, ASABE. 25(2):291-296.

Gebremedhin, K.G., P.E. Hillman, C.N. Lee, R.J. Collier, S.T Willard, J. Arthington, and T.M. Brown-Brandl. 2009.  Sweating rates of dairy cows and beef heifers in hot conditions. Transactions of ASABE 51(6): 2167-2178.

Aitha, N., A.M. Parkhurst, C.N. Lee and P.Hillman. 2008. Using a nonlinear mixed effect models to evaluate measure of heat stress in Holstein cows. Conf. on Applied Statistics in Agriculture. KS. April 27-29.

Hillman, P.E., C.N. Lee and S.T. Willard. 2005. Thermoregulatory responses associated with lying and standing in heat-stressed dairy cows. Transaction of ASAE. 48(2):795-801.

Extension Articles

C.N. Lee, G.K. Fukumoto, M.S.Thorne, M.H. Stevenson, M. Nakahata and R.M. Ogoshi. 2016. Sugarcane crosses as a potential for ruminants: Dry matter yield and nutrient analyses of selected cultivars. (In Press).

C.N. Lee, G.K. Fukumoto, M.S. Thorne, M.H. Stevenson, M. Nakahata and R.M.Ogoshi.  2016. Bana grass (Pennisetum purpureum): a possible forage for ruminants in Hawai‘i.;

Baek, K.S. and C.N. Lee. 2016. Hair coat color influence the longevity of Holsteins in the sub-tropics.

C.N. Lee, G. K. Fukumoto,M.S. Thorne, M.H. Stevenson, Y.s. Kim,  M. Nakahata and R. Ogoshi. 2015. Sugarcane crosses as potential forages for ruminants: Nutrient compositions were influenced by season and time of harvest.

Yoshioka, J.L., J. Ishimoto, Y. Li and C.N. Lee. 2015. Microbial population in fermented cooked taro skins. CTAHR Extension Pub. SA-16, April, 2015.

L.Woody, J. Ishimoto, YongLi and C.N. Lee. 2014. Potential cause of diarrhea in piglets at weaning in Hawai’i. CTAHR Extension Pub., LM-27, Sept. 2014.

C.N. Lee, G. K. Fukumoto, M. Nakahata and R. Ogoshi. 2014. Sugarcane crosses as potential forages for ruminants: Selection criteria. CTAHR Extension Pub. PRM-6; Feb. 2014)


Languages :

MalaysianChinese:Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, etc