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Qing X  Li

Name :

Qing X Li

Title :


Unit :

Department of Molecular Biosciences & BioEngineering

Address :

1955 East-West Rd. #218
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Ag Sciences Building 402J

Phone :


Fax :


E-mail :

Website :

Specialties :

Proteomics; Agricultural chemistry; Pesticides; Bioremediation; Alzheimer's disease

Professional Prep/Appointments :

B.S. Agriculture, 1982, Agricultural University of Shandong, China 
Ph.D. Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, 1990, University of California at Davis
Post-doctoral fellow, 1991-1994, University of California at Berkeley

Professional Recognition, Honor and Fellowship

2005                  UH-Manoa CTAHR Excellence in Research Award.

20052021        Honorary Scientist and Advisor, Rural Development Administration, Korea.

2015-present     Member, National Academy of Inventors.

2015-present     Associate editor, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

2017                  American Chemical Society (ACS) Award for Innovation in Chemistry of Agriculture.

2018                  UH-Manoa CTAHR Excellence in Research Award.

2020                  ACS International Award for Research in Agrochemicals.

2020                  University of Hawaii Board of Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research.

2023                  ACS fellow.


Projects :

  1. Fungal and palm peroxidase structure and activity.  
  2. Botanical insecticides and their mode of action
  3. Natural products and pharmaceuticals against Alzheimer's disease and obesity.
  4. Pesticide leachability and atmospheric transport
  5. Microbial stress responses to and transformation of pesticides. 
  6. Proteomics.


Environmental Biochemistry (MBBE412, 3 credits- lecture course)

Advanced Laboratory Techniques (MBBE687, 3 credits- lecture/lab course; Proteomics-focused)

Research Interests :

Our research focuses on agricultural and environmental chemistry.  Proteomics is used as a tool for the studies.

1. Fungal and palm peroxidases.  

2. Botanical insecticides and action mechanisms.   

3. Natural products and pharmaceuticals against Alzheimer's disease and obesity.

4. Pesticide environmental fate, leaching and atmospheric transport and food safety.

5. Microbial stress responses to and transformation of toxic chemicals.

Publications :

496. Li, Q.X.; Hammock, B.D. 2023. John Edward Casida. 22 December 1929 – 30 June 2018. Biographical Memoir of Fellows of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences In press.

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493. Jiao, W.; Zhang, P.; Cui, C.; Yan, M.; Li, Q.X.; Tang, Y.; Zhang, N.; Wang, X.; Hou, R.; Hua, R. 2023. Metabolic responses of tea (Camellia sinensis L.) to the insecticide thiamethoxam. Pest Management Science DOI: 10.1002/ps.7534

492. Jiao, W.; Zhu, L.; Shen, T.; Wang, L.; Li, Q.X.; Wang, C.; Wu, X.; Chen, H.; Hua, R. 2023. Simultaneous determination of 15 pyrrolizidine alkaloids and their N-oxides in weeds, soil, fresh tea leaves, and tea: Exploring the pollution source of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in tea. Food Chemistry 434: 137305. DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2023.137305

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488. Pan, D.; Tang, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Li, Q.X. 2023. Action mechanisms and pharmacokinetics of dihydromyricetin against obesity. ACS Food Science & Technology 3: 539–545.  DOI: DOI: 10.1021/acsfoodscitech.2c00145

487. Jiao, W.; Wang, L.; Zhu, L.; Shen, T.; Shi, T.; Zhang, P.; Wang, C.; Chen, H.; Wu, X.; Yang, T.; Li, Q.X.; Hua, R. 2023. Pyrrolizidine-producing weeds in tea gardens as an indicator of alkaloids in tea. Food Additives and Contaminants: Part B 16(1):50-57. DOI: 10.1080/19393210.2022.2145507

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