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Joanne S  Lichty Imamura

Name :

Joanne S Lichty Imamura

Title :

Rsrch Supp

Unit :

Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences

Office :

Komohana Research and Extension Center

Address :

875 Komohana St.
                    Hilo, HI 96720

Phone :


Fax :


E-mail :

Specialties :

Cut Flowers and Ornamentals

Professional Prep/Appointments :

B.A. University of Hawaii at Hilo
M.S. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Projects :


Improved Water Management Technology for Hawaii’s High Value Export Crops

Principal Investigators:  Paul  Singleton, Joanne Lichty, Andrew Kawabata.  University of Hawaii at Manoa, CTAHR, Department of  Tropical Plant and Soil Science.

Development of New Dracaena Cultivars for the Hawaii Commercial Foliage Industry

 Principal Investigators:  Andrew Kawabata, Joanne Lichty, Kenneth Leonhardt

University of Hawaii at Manoa, CTAHR, Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Science
 Modern Nutrient Management to Improve Productivity of Anthurium
Principal Investigators:  Paul Singleton, Joanne Lichty, University of Hawaii at Manoa, CTAHR, TPSS.

Chemical and Cultural Management of Burrowing Nematodes on Anthuriums.

Principal Investigators:  Brent Sipes, Kelvin Sewake, Joanne Lichty, University of Hawaii at Manoa, CTAHR, PEPS, TPSS.



Selected Recent Publications :


Criley, R.A.,J. Lichty, T. Amore and M. Kashiwagi. 2008.  Carbon dioxide fertilization of ex-vitro Anthurium andraeanum plantlets.  HortSci. 43:4: 1090 (abstract).


Kawabata, A.F., J.S. Lichty, K.D. Kobayashi and W.S. Sakai.  2007.  Effects of photoselective shade cloths on potted (Dracaena deremensis) ‘Janet Craig’ and (Dracaena marginata) ‘Colorama’.  J. Hawaiian Pacific Agric.  14:49-54.


Kobayashi, K.D., A.F. Kawabata, J.S. Lichty, and W.S. Sakai. 2006. Growth and flowering of potted anthurium 'Lola' under photoselective shadecloths. Proceedings 33rd National Agricultural Plastics Congress, 5 p.


Sipes, B.S. and J.S. Lichty. 2002.  Radopholus similis damage to Anthurium andraeanum.  Nematropica 32:77-81.


Lichty, J.S. and B. Kratky. 2000. Non-circulating hydroponic culture of anthuriums.  Proc. 4th Hawaii Floricullture Industry Conf., University of Hawaii, CTAHR.


Sakai, W.S., S. Riede, J. Lichty, V. Inouye and H. Valenzuela. 2000. Comparison of photosynthesis of anthurium cultivars from Hawaii and Holland.  Proc. 4th Hawaii Floriculture Industry Conf., Univer. Of Hawaii, CTAHR.