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Shu Hwa  Lin

Name :

Shu Hwa Lin

Title :

Professor, Fashion Design & Merchandising

Unit :

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Address :

2515 Campus Road, Miller 110
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Miller Hall 201F

Phone :

(808) 956-2245

Fax :

(808) 956-2241

E-mail :

Specialties :

Computer applications in apparel production data management body scanning with digital fitting simulation

Professional Prep/Appointments :

  • Ph.D., Department of Textiles and Consumer Sciences, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.
  • M.S., Apparel and Textiles, Department of Consumer Affairs, Auburn University, AL.

Projects :


3D body scanning

Digital Costume project

Smart textile project



2022     International Textile & Apparel Association Paper of Distinction Award in the Culture track: 3D Virtual technology in costume museum exhibition Qing dynasty

2020     International Textile & Apparel Association Paper of Distinction Award in the Sustainability/Social Responsibility track

2018     Optitex University Design Award

2000   Fellow, Textile Clothing Technology Corporation, [TC]2


  • FDM 221 Textiles I
  • FDM 269  Costumes and Cultures of East Asia
  • FDM 321 Textiles II
  • FDM 321L Textiles II Lab 
  • FDM 301 Fashion Forecasting/Marketing
  • FDM 315 Draping
  • FDM 330 Advanced Apparel Construction
  • FDM 411 Product Lifecycle Management
  • FDM 416 Costumes/Cultures of East Asia
  • FDM 419 Apparel Design Studio I
  • FDM 420 Apparel design Studio II
  • FDM 460 Costume Collections management

Research Interests :

  •  3D Body Scanning and Digital Fitting Simulation:  Using Kinect or/and Structure with iPad.
  • Textiles: Chinese textiles including Dragon robes and Shiang-Yun-Sa; Hawaiian bark cloth: Kapa; and organic cotton. I examine both new fabrics and historic textiles with modern instruments (i.e., air permeability tester, digital high power microscope and SEM) to explore fiber count, fiber structure, weave pattern, air permeability, dyestuff, and surface and wear characteristics.
  • Textile care and preservation: I apply use my textile knowledge with our textile testing equipment to examine historic textiles and costume and to develop textile conservation. One focus of my textile interests lies in traditional Chinese costume. Many scholars have reported on Chinese dragon robes but to date none have used new technology to analyze textile design and preservation.
  • Functional textiles and clothing design: specialized clothing for special groups; smart textiles for specialized performance; and functional textiles, product development, and production management. I specialize in functional clothing design and seek opportunities for research, creative works, and problem solving in specialized areas of clothing design. One of my functional design projects focused on providing dressing aids and tools for the caregivers of disabled groups and elderly persons, which is especially appropriate with Hawai’i’s growing elderly population.

Selected Recent Publications :

Refereed Publications

Kang, J.Y. & Lin, S. (in print). Building 3D Virtual Museum Exhibitions of Historic Fashions, Clothing Textile Research Journal. Accepted.

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Languages :

Chinese, English