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Rachel  Novotny

Name :

Rachel Novotny

Title :


Unit :

Department of Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences

Address :

                    Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Ag Sciences Building

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E-mail :

Website :;

Specialties :

Community and global nutrition; Maternal and child nutrition; Public health nutrition; Field assessment of nutrition status

Professional Prep/Appointments :

1986 Ph.D. Cornell University.
Major: International Nutrition.
Minors: Epidemiology/Population Studies and Anthropology.
Dissertation: Preschool Child Feeding, Health, and Nutritional Status in Highland Ecuador.

1982 M.S. Cornell University.
Major: International Nutrition.
Minor: Anthropology.
Thesis: Maternal and Infant Nutritional Status During Exclusive Breast-feeding in the Lake Titicaca Region, S.A.

1978 B.A. Beloit College.
Major: Biology.
Senior Thesis: Breast Milk Consumption by Infants in Puriscal, Costa Rica.

Projects :

1. Childrens Healthy Living Program for Remote Underserved Minority Populations in the Pacific Region (CHL). USDA/AFRI/NIFA.  A partnership among remote Pacific states and other jurisdictions of the US: Alaska, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, Hawaii, Palau, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands whose purpose is to train a public health nutrition work force, conduct public health nutrition research and communicate nutrition and health related information to the public, and to build social/cultural, physical/built, and political/economic environments that will promote active play and intake of healthy food to prevent young child obesity.Novotny R, Principal Investigator/Director. $24,777,481 (Award no. 2011-68001-30335, CRIS no. 0224871). 2011-2017

2. Child Health Assessment for the Pacific (CHAP).  Child Health Assessment in the Pacific (CHAP) Summer Fellowship program will build Pacific regional capacity in early childhood nutrition and health assessment; create a network of individuals working to monitor and prevent early childhood obesity and health disparities; and evaluate opportunities to sustain training in early childhood nutrition and health assessment. Novotny R and Fialkowski MK (Co-PI) University of Hawaii.  USDA/NIFA. $274,780. GRANT11901095. (2016-2019)

3. SNAP-ED and EFNEP Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Center of Excellence: Creating Healthy Local Places (RNECE). Leader of Workgroup on Readiness to Change. Stephenson L, PI, $1,000,000 University of Tennessee.  USDA/NIFA. Novotny R: Co-Investigator/Co-Project Director, $113,944. 2015-67001-24289. (2015-1017)

4. Children’s Healthy Living Network (CHLN) in the US Affiliated Pacific.  Hatch/Multistate Project. W1194, NIFA/USDA (12/5/16-9/30/21). Hawaii Representative.

Courses Taught:

FSHN 250 Human Need & Want
FSHN 370 Lifespan Nutrition
FSHN 451 Community Nutrition
FSHN 467 Nutritional Assessment
FSHN 470 Lifespan Nutrition
FSHN 492 Field Experience
FSHN 493 Community Nutrition
FSHN 499 Topics-Food, Agriculture & Nutrition
FSHN 681 Seminar in Nutrition Science
FSHN 682 Topics in Nutritional Epidemiology
FSHN 685 Progress in Human Nutrition
FSHN 699 Directed Reading and Research
FSHN 700 Thesis Research
FSHN 800 Dissertation Research
PH 800 Dissertation Research

Professional Interests :

My research interests focus on diet, physical activity and body size factors, their influence on the process of growth and maturation, and implications for health and disease. My work focuses on periods of rapid growth, including pregnancy, infancy, and adolescence. Research areas include the role of breast-feeding in maturation and growth, and the importance of variability of body size in different population groups for risk of disease. I especially focus on diverse understudied populations. I seek systems change to political, economic, social and biologic factors to improve nutrition and health.

Selected Recent Publications :

Untitled Document Untitled Document
Peer Reviewed Journal Articles 

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Matanane L Fialkowski MK, Silva J, Li F, Nigg C, Leon Guerrero RT, Novotny R. Para I Famagu’on-Ta : Fruit and Vegetable Intake, Food Store Environment, and Childhood Overweight/Obesity in the Children’s Healthy Living Program on Guam. Hawaii J Med Public Health; 2017; Volume 76, No. 8, Aug.


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Mikkelsen BE, Novotny R, Gittelsohn J. Multi-Level, Multi-Component Approaches to Community Based Interventions for HealthyLiving—A Three Case Comparison. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2016, 13, 1023; doi:10.3390/ijerph13101023.

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