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Robert E  Paull

Name :

Robert E Paull

Title :


Unit :

Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences

Address :

3190 Maile Way, Rm 102
                    Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

St. John 516

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Specialties :

Post harvest handling tropical fruit flowers, vegetables Post harvest Physiology growth and development of plants Fruits in gen.-Climatic NeedsFruits in gen.-Production-all aspectsFruits in gen. PostharvestFruits in gen. StorageFruits in gen.-Packaging & Transport Fruits in gen. Product PackagingFruits in gen. Product ProcessingOrnamentals in gen.-Ornamentals

Professional Prep/Appointments :

St. Gregory High School, Australia 1962 BS University of Sydney 1966 - Agronomy PhD University of California at Berkeley 1975 - Plant Physiology

Projects :

1. Delaying Pineapple flowering using both chemical and transgenic means to reduce harvest losses. 2. Preharvest factors that influence pineapple translucency development. 3. Role of endoxylanase in fruit ripening and its controls. 4. Isolation and characterization genes involved in a papaya fruit ripening mutant with delayed softening. 5. Evolution of fruit ripening. 6. Characterization of genes potentially involved in fruit ripening from the papaya genome sequencing project.

Courses Taught:

TPSS 470 - Introductory Plant Physiology TPSS 473 - Postharvest physiology and Handling TPSS 674 - Plant Growth and Development

Research Interests :

Postharvest Physiology and Handling of Tropical Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers Our postharvest research program deals solely with tropical fruit, vegetables and flowers. Temperate commodity postharvest research is not performed, though advice is given on the handling of these commodities. There are three major postharvest constraints associated with tropical commodities. These constraints are: 1. the presence of three major fruit flies and other insects that necessitate additional postharvest quarantine treatments; 2. the chilling sensitivity of the tropical commodities limiting the use of refrigeration to extend postharvest life and maintain quality; and 3. the long distances or limited transportation infrastructure to major markets. The research addresses various aspects of these constraints at the basic and applied levels. However, there is a continuum from one to the other; this continuum provides and ideal environment for instruction, training and research. The teaching environment created provides, and allows, students to learn to appreciate the significance of basic research and its application to real commercial problems.

Selected Publications :

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