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Josephine (Jody)  Smith

Name :

Josephine (Jody) Smith

Title :

Academic Support

Unit :

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Address :

1955 East-West Road
                    Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Ag Sciences Building 402A

Phone :


Fax :


E-mail :

Specialties :

Extension/Education in Natural Resources Conservation & Management, Urban Horticulture, Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

Professional Prep/Appointments :

M.S. University of Hawai'i at Manoa - Natural Resources and Environmental Management (May 2014)
Capstone Presentation: Environmental Education for Hawai'i Master Gardeners
B.S. University of Maryland, College Park, Agronomy – Soils (May 1983)
* Web Certificate from Pacific New Media (May 2009)


Projects :

EDUCATION SPECIALIST with Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management. 

Academic support for multiple programs:
Hawaii Forestry Program
University of Hawaii Master Gardener Program
Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Program (1999-2015)

Some program highlights include:

Grant Projects
  • Office Manager and Coordinator, Hawai'i Audubon Society (2016-2017). Editor for 'Elepaio Journal, responsible for membership, outreach and education efforts, social media, public events and workshops, organizing field hikes, website management and product sales.
  • Soil Scientist/Educator, Portland Water District, Portland ME. Program Manager for Sebago Lake nonpoint-source pollution education and outreach efforts. 
  • Resource Conservationist, Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District, Westbrook ME. Program Manager for urban erosion control program. 
  • Environmental Services Specialist II/III, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Augusta ME. Biosolids agricultural landspreading permits.

Extension Interests :

Hawai'is unique cultural and biological heritage, youth education, community-based social marketing

Certified Master Gardener (2010)
Forest Steward (2014)
Pollinator Education and Beekeeping (2013)

Selected Publications :

with Dr. Ted Radovich and Jari Sugano
Hanai'Ai: quarterly newsletter for the Sustainable and Organic Program at CTAHR

with Jayme Grzebik
UHMG eNews: quarterly newsletter for the statewide UH Master Gardener Program
Fact Sheets
Conservation System Guides for Pacific Basin Beginning and Limited Resource Farmers and Ranchers (16 factsheets with Dr. Carl Evensen and Luisa Castro)
Guide to Sherman Courtyard Native and Ecosystem Education Garden (with Dr. Travis Idol and Roxanne Adams)
Plants to Control Streambank Erosion (with Lisa Ferentinos)
Series of twenty tropical cover crop and green manure facts sheets (with Dr. Hector Valenzuela)
Series of twelve Erosion Control Fact sheets (1993) with Portland Water District and Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District
Maine Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook for Construction: Best Management Practices (1991)
YouTube Channels
with Dr. James Leary

Languages :

English & Spanish