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Jenjira  Yahirun

Name :

Jenjira Yahirun

Title :

Assistant Researcher

Unit :


Office :

Center on the Family

Address :

2515 Campus Road
                    Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Miller Hall 103

Phone :


Fax :


E-mail :

Website :

Specialties :

Family, Health, Aging, Life Course, Immigration

Professional Prep/Appointments :

2012 |  PhD | Sociology | University of California, Los Angeles

2008 |  MA | Sociology | University of California, Los Angeles

2002 |  BS | Economics | George Washington University


Projects :

Please see current projects at

Courses Taught:

SOC 699 | Directed Reading – Event History Analysis

HDFS 340 | Intimacy, Marriage and Families           


Interests :

Dr. Yahirun's research asks how the family, as a social institution, contributes to inequalities in health and well-being over the life course. Her work investigates three major themes: 1) the role of family in the lives of immigrants, 2) how increasing family complexity challenges the kinship safety net, and 3) how family relationships shape individual health outcomes.

Selected Recent Publications :

Yahirun, J. & E. Arenas. 2018. “Offspring Migration and Parents’ Emotional and Psychological Well-being in Mexico.” Journal of Marriage and Family.

Yahirun, J., Park, S. & Seltzer, J. 2018.  “Step-grandparenthood in the United States.” Journal of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences.

Yahirun, J., Sheehan, C. & Hayward, M. 2017. “Adult Children's Education and Changes to Parents' Physical Health in Mexico.” Social Science and Medicine. 181: 93-101.

Yahirun, J., Sheehan, C. & Hayward, M. 2016. “Adult Childrens Education and Parents’ Functional Limitations in Mexico.Research on Aging. 38(3): 322-345.

Ambugo, E. & Yahirun, J.  2016. “Remittances and Risk of Major Depressive Episode and Sadness among New Legal Immigrants to the United States.” Demographic Research. 34(8): 243-258.

Fingerman, K. & Yahirun, J.  2015. “Emerging Adulthood in the Context of Family: Young Adults’ Relationships with Parents.”  Oxford Handbook of Emerging Adulthood. Ed. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett. New York: Oxford University Press.

Yahirun, J. & Hamplova, D.  2014. “Children’s Union Status and Contact with Mothers:  A Cross-National Study.”  Demographic Research. 30(51): 1413-1444.

Seltzer J. & Yahirun, J. 2014. “Diversity in Old Age: The Elderly in Changing Economic and Family Contexts” in Diversity and Disparities: America Enters a New Century.  Ed. John Logan. New York: Russell Sage Foundation. Pg. 270-305.

Yahirun, J., Perreira, K. & Fuligni, A. 2013 “Family Obligation across Contexts: Latino Youth in North Carolina and Southern California.” Journal of Family Issues. 36 (10): 1296-1323.

Seltzer, J., Yahirun, J. & Bianchi, S.  2013. “Coresidence and Geographic Proximity of Mothers and Adult Children in Stepfamilies” Journal of Marriage and Family. 75(5): 1164–1180.