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Ping-Yi  Yang

Name :

Ping-Yi Yang

Title :


Unit :

Department of Molecular Biosciences & BioEngineering

Address :

1955 East-West Rd. #218
                  Honolulu, HI 96822

Room :

Gilmore Hall 105

Phone :

(808) 956-8459

Fax :

(808) 956-9269

E-mail :

Specialties :

Bio-processing water and waste water; waste water engineering; Agricultural and Food waste management: -Water/Irrigation-Biomass/Waste Management

Professional Prep/Appointments :

Provincial Hu Wei High School Ph.D., Bioenvironmental Engineering, Oklahoma State University, 1972 M.S., Bioenvironmental Engineering, Oklahoma State University, 1969 B.S., Applied Microbiology, National Taiwan University, 1961


Biological Pollution Control Bioprocess for Waste/Wastewater

Professional Interests :

1976 - Present --- Involved with research, extension and instruction activities in the area of agricultural waste management; promoted research results for the application in the field; assisted in the design and operation of four field scales of animal waste treatment/utilization systems; served as M.S. Thesis Chairman for 30 students; 35% of the graduates work for consulting engineering companies, 35% for the state and federal, 30% in PhD. program. 1973 - 1975 --- Asian Inst. of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand: involved in research and instruction activities in environmental engineering; served as M.S. Thesis Chairman; in charge of campus water and wastewater treatment facilities; promoted a joint research project for the industry and the Institute. 1972 - 1973 --- Cornell University, Ithaca, New York: supervised the research project for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; conducted research in the area of animal waste treatment design and operational criteria. 1967 - 1972 --- Oklahoma State University: Assisted the Principal Investigator in conducting research in the area of environmental engineering. 1962 - 1967 --- Wei-Shin Food Company, Taipei, Taiwan: Process engineer for monosodium glutamate; director for research and chemical analysis for the fermentation research and production.

Selected Recent Publications :

  • Cho, E.S., J. Zhu and P.Y. Yang “Intermittently aerated EMMC-Biobarrel (Entrapped Mixed Microbial Cell with Bio-barrel) Process for Concurrent Organic and Nitrogen Removal,” J of Environmental Management, In press.
  • Yang, P.Y., C. Song, E.S. Cho and Z Wang “Removal of Organic and Nitrogen and Molecular weight Distribution of Residual Organic from EMMC (Entrapped Mixed Microbial Cells) and Activated Sludge Processes,” Water Environment Research 78, 2501-2507 (2006)
  • Ahn, S.Y., S.J. Kim and P.Y. Yang “Bioanaerobic Treatability Study for PCBs-Contaminated Oil,” Water Science and Technology, 53,161-167 (2006)
  • Kim, S, J and P.Y.Yang “Combined Removal of High-Strength Organics and Nitrogen Using Two-Stage Entrapped Mixed Microbial Cell (2sEMMC) Process,”. J. Ind. Eng. Chem., 11, 954-951 (2005)
  • Yang, P.Y., M. Shimabukuro, and S.J. Kim “Applicability of ORP Response on a Full Scale Intermittently Aerated Suspended Culture System,” Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, Radioactive, Waste Management, 8, 19-25 (2004).
  • Kim, S.J. and P.Y. Yang, “Two-Stage Entrapped Mixed Microbial Cell (EMMC) Process for Simultaneous Removal of Organics and Nitrogen for Rural Domestic Sewage Application,” Water Science and Technology, 49, 281-288 (2004).
  • Yang, P.Y., and T.T. Myint, “Integrating EMMC Technology for Treatment of Wastewater Containing DMSO for Reuse in Semiconductor Industries,” Clean Water Technology and Environmental Policy, 6, 43-50 (2003).
  • Yang, P.Y., R. Su, and S.J. Kim “EMMC Process for Combined Removal of Organics, Nitrogen and Odor Producing Substance,” Journal of Environment Management, 69, 381-389 (2003).

Languages :