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Workshop: Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Waste Recycling and Fish/Chicken Feed Production
Saturday, July 31, 2010. 9:00 a.m.- noon
Category: Courses/Workshops.  Location: Windward Community College, Oahu.

Featured Presenter: Robert Olivier, founder and CEO of Prota Culture and CompostMania
Facilitated by: Mindy Jaffe (Waikiki Worm Company) and Dr. Clyde Tamaru (CTAHR)
Cost: $20 includes written materials and refreshments
Includes lecture and on-campus field trip to research demonstration. Seating is limited.

Waikiki Worm Company and the University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) welcomes Robert Olivier, pioneer in bioconversion technology and developer of the BioPod and ProtaPod, to present a morning workshop in Black Soldier Fly Larvae use and cultivation. The BSFL is a familiar denizen of compost and manure piles as well as well-fed worm bins, known for a voracious appetite and ability to rapidly break down organic waste. This powerful recycler at its harvestable stage is 42% protein, 34% fat and high in calcium in other nutrients, making it an ideal feed for fish and chickens in both backyard and commercial operations.

Separating the larvae from the waste is achieved with the patented design of BioPod and ProtaPod technology that promotes auto-harvesting. Mr. Olivier will demonstrate management and maintenance of this innovative equipment, including improved drainage and other features incorporated on the newest model, the BioPod Plus™

More information:
Dr. Clyde Tamaru , 808-342-1063 ,