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Coffee Berry Borer IPM Workshop and Field Day
Friday, September 20, 2013. 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Category: Courses/Workshops.  Location: Kunia Village & Agribusiness Complex Conference Room, Oahu.

UH-CTAHR’s Local and Immigrant Farmer Education (LIFE) and Risk
Management Hawaii (RMH) programs are partnering up with the Hawaii
Department of Agriculture (HDOA) to conduct an informational workshop about
the Coffee Berry Borer (CBB).
CTAHR’s Coffee and Orchard Crops Extension Agent, Andrea Kawabata, will be teaching farmers and processors on Oahu about integrated pest management (IPM). Rob Curtiss and representatives from HDOA will assist in the discussion of HDOA protocol for first detection of CBB and
what growers can expect to happen if/when CBB is identified. In addition, Dr. Stuart Nakamoto, CTAHR Extension
Economist, will be discussing crop insurance policies available to growers for coffee and coffee trees. A representative
from the Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council (SHAC) will also be on hand to give a growers perspective of CBB
management and talk about SHAC’s program with growers on the Big Island.
In the afternoon, Derek Lanter of Waialua Estate Coffee and Chocolate Company, Rob, and Andrea will also head a field
walk through the Waialua coffee farm to discuss and show different CBB IPM techniques.

More information:
Gina , 808-322-4892 ,