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Pesticide Risk Reduction Education, Maui
Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - Wednesday, June 14, 2017. 8:15 AM-4:00 pm
Category: Courses/Workshops.  Location: Kahului, Maui.

This in-depth 2-day short course will benefit people who want to be better informed about handling pesticides properly or prepare for the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s certification exam for restricted use pesticides.
An instructor from the UH College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources will emphasize the study packet’s basic or "core" study guides, which provide information common to all categories of certification. Topics include:
> Pesticide types & formulations
> Pesticide labeling & SDSs or MSDSs
> Laws & regulations about buying, storing, transporting, applying, disposing of pesticides, spill response, and employee protection
> Integrated pest management (IPM) concepts
> Common pests' general identification features & life cycles
> Common application equipment
> Dilution & dosage calculations
> Pesticide movement & breakdown
> Groundwater, surface water & endangered species protection
> Carry-over, resistance, phytotoxicity.
> Hazards to pesticide handlers
> Clothing & personal protective equipment
> Safe mixing, loading, application
> Laundering work clothes
> Transport, storage, disposal
Since the instructor will not cover the “category-specific” study guides, students who plan to take a certification exam should study the “category specific” study guides, in addition to the basic or “core” study guides.
The registration fee for the course covers the instruction and classroom handouts only, not the study guides or the Hawaii Department of Agriculture‘s fee for taking a certification exam conducted at separate sessions.
The free leaflet “Test Your Math Skills” is available from the instructor or from Use it to refresh basic math skills needed to understand the instructor’s calculation examples. Students who find the exercises difficult will get more benefit from the short course if they seek tutoring before the course begins.

More information:
Charles Nagamine , 808-956-6007 ,