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Natural Resources

Hawai‘i landscape(Hawai‘i’s unique and precious tropical island environment and its broad biological, physical, and social diversity enrich the lives of local residents and provide an inviting setting that attracts visitors from all corners of the world. The sustainability of natural resources, stability of agroecosystems, and quality of life of Hawai‘i’s people are intrinsically dependent on the judicious use and management of our land and other resources. This section provides information and links to CTAHR’s work in natural resources such as forestry, agroforestry, the Renewable Resources Extension Act program, and links to other sites.)

Forestry and Agroforestry
CTAHR’s Forestry Extension home page. Many resources on native and exotic trees, forestry research, demonstrations and other resources.

Hawai‘i Renewable Natural Resources
Home page for Hawai‘i’s Renewable Natural Resources and activities of the Renewable Resources Education Act (RREA).

Rainwater Catchment
CTAHR's rainwater catchment program promotes health and sustainability using rainwater catchment for domestic, commercial and agricultural purposes, locally and worldwide.

Water Quality
Information on CTAHR’s Water Quality Extension Program.