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Waiakea Experiment Station, Hawaii County

Phone: (808)959-8477
Fax: (808)959-8477
Contact person: Dennis T Ida

Mailing address:
c/o Waiakea Experiment Station
875 Komohana Street Hilo, HI, 96720
Physical address:
924 Stainback Highway, Hilo, HI 96720

Description: The Waiakea research station consists of 1 cottage, 1 barn w/pasture (10 acres), 1 equipment garage, 1 supply room/break room, 1 garage/workshop, 3 fiberglass greenhouses (22,144 ft²), 3 polypropylene shade houses (46,960 ft²), 1 conley greenhouse (2,250 ft²), and 1 storage shed.
Current activities: Research on termites, Hawaiian endemic trees, anthuriums, dendrobiums, various tropical fruit (lychee, longan, etc), various vegetable crops (tomato, eggplant, etc.), macadamia, ginger, taro, nursery crops, and post-harvest quarantine, treatements for ornamentals are conducted at the Waiakea station. The station maintains an arboretum of tropical fruits. USDA Tropical Plant Genetic Resource Management Unit also maintains tropical fruit orchards on site.
Special events: Field days held periodically
Crops in ground: macadamia, various tropical fruits, citrus collection, plumeria collection, endemic trees, anthuriums, orchids, nursery crops, noni, and peach palm.

Total acres: 195.1
Elevation (ft): 600-800

Annual rainfall (in): 170
Ave. min. temperature (°F): 63
Ave. max. temperature (°F): 79

Soil series 1: Papai
Soil order 1: Histosols
Soil family 1: Typic Tropofolists, euic, isohyperthermic
Soil series 2: Keaukaha
Soil order 2: Histosols
Soil family 2: Lithic Tropofolists, dysic, isohyperthermic