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Waialee Livestock Research Station, Oahu County

Phone: (808)638-8067
Fax: (808)638-8067

Mailing address:
58-160 Kamehameha Highway
Haleiwa, HI, 96712

Description: Waialee is an animal research and demonstration facility located on the north shore of Oahu. The property is owned by the state of Hawaii. Waialee covers 135 acres of which about 65 acres are fenced and 35 acres have the potential to be irrigated. The facility consists of an office space, slaughterhouse, feed storage and mixing facility and an animal housing for pigs, poultry, swine and cattle. Additional facilities include grazing pastures and an experimental waste to biogas conversion demonstration. Staff cottages are located on the property; four are fairly new and in reasonable condition, five are old and at the end of their useful life, and four have been knocked down to eliminate the hazard of falling down.
Current activities: 1) Charles Weems - Reproductive performance of domestic ruminants. 2) Charles Weems - Reduction of embryonic loss in ruminants. 3) H. M. Zaleski - IACUC Protocol Number 99-039 Macadamia nut feeding trial. 4) P. Y. Yang and D. Paquin - Livestock waste management. 5) C. N. Lee and H. M. Zaleski - Genetic improvement of dairy cow and swine. 6) J. R. Carpenter and B. A. Buckley - Beef digestion trials.
Special events: Workshops are held for commercial producers on artificial insemination, baby pig management and livestock waste management. Out of state visitors inolved in training have come from the University of Guelph, Canada, Western Samoa, Pohnpei and Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia, America Samoa, Kansas, and Saskatchewan. Waialee livestock are TV stars. They have been featured in everything from advertising (pig in the passenger seat of a car) to a half hour comedy with cattle, sheep and pigs on Olelo TV. Most commonlly they help to inform the public about Hawaii livestock and agriculture. The Waialee Livestock Experiment Station also provides animal exhibits at several locations on the University of Hawaii campus and takes part in the Hawaii State Farm Fair and other demonstrations.
Crops in ground: cows, sheep, pigs

Total acres: 135
Elevation (ft): 10-50

Annual rainfall (in): 40
Soil series 1: Kaena
Soil order 1: Vertisols
Soil family 1: Typic Pelluderts, very-fine, montmorillonitic, isohyperthermic
Soil series 2: Waialua
Soil order 2: Mollisols
Soil family 2: Vertic Haplustolls, very-fine, kaolinitic, isohyperthermic

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