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Patents Developed by CTAHR Researchers

Colocasia plant named “Kona Coffee”
Patent No. PP22,420      Date Issued - 12/27/2011

Generation of free radicals, analytical methods, bacterial disinfections, and oxidative destruction of organic chemicals using zero valent iron and other metals
Patent No. 8,048,317      Date Issued - 11/1/2011

Colocasia plant named "Pineapple Princess"
Patent No. PP20,982      Date Issued - 5/11/2010

Colocasia plant named "Blue Hawaii"
Patent No. PP20,003      Date Issued - 5/19/2009

Colocasia plant named "Diamond Head"
Patent No. PP19,939      Date Issued - 4/21/2009

Colocasia plant named "Hawaiian Eye"
Patent No. PP19,884      Date Issued - 3/31/2009

Colocasia plant named "Hilo Bay"
Patent No. PP20,108      Date Issued - 1/16/2009

Colocasia plant named "Maui Magic"
Patent No. PP19,625      Date Issued - 1/13/2009

Novel Fluorescent Nanosensor Proteins
Patent No. 7,247,443 B2       Date Issued - 7/24/2007

Bionest Reactor for the Application of Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment and Bioenergy Recovery
Patent No. 7,226,539      Date Issued - 6/5/2007

A P. falciparum Merozoite Surface Protein-1 Malaria Vaccine Produced in Transgenic Plants
Patent No. 7,037,681      Date Issued - 5/2/2006

Recombinant Bacteria for Use in Insect Control
Patent No. 6,926,889 B2      Date Issued - 8/9/2005

Sex Control in Shrimp and Prawn Aquaculture
Patent No. 6,740,794 B1      Date Issued - 5/25/2004

Bio-Engineering Continuous Production of Marine Micro-algae (Chaetoceros sp.)
Patent No. 6,673,592       Date Issued - 1/6/2004

Production of Transgenic Plants Comprising the Winged Bean Lysine Rich Protein
Patent No. 6,184,437      Date Issued - 2/6/2001

Sweet Protein Mabinlin
Patent No. 6,051,758      Date Issued - 4/18/2000

Mechanically Loaded Direct Air Commodity Disinfestation Chamber
Patent No. 5,792,419      Date Issued - 8/11/1998

Solid Appliance Fermentation Technology for Inoculants (SAFTI)
Patent No. 5,507,133      Date Issued - 4/16/1996

Manufacturing of Acridity-free Raw Flour from Araceae Tubers
Patent No. 5,464,646      Date Issued - 11/7/1995

Termite Barrier
Patent No. 5,094,045      Date Issued - 3/10/1992

Efficient Regeneration and Transformation of Banana Using Secondary Somatic Embryogenesis via Microprojectile Bombardment
UH Reference No. 00320