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Get Your Degree in Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences

Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences (TPSS) offers a Bachelor of Science degree in four focus areas:

Plant Science and Genetics - gain expertise in plant physiology, biochemistry, genetics, and biotechnology

Production and Management - find out how to manage soils, insects, and diseases and acquire business skills such as management, personnel administration, marketing, and accounting

Environmental Soil Sciences - gain expertise in managing the land and soil and protecting this valuable natural resource

Landscape Horticulture — discover how to design, integrate, and manage the many systems that comprise public parks, residential and commercial landscapes, and sports venues

Why Choose UH CTAHR and TPSS?
student in the labCTAHR is internationally known for expertise in all facets of tropical agriculture. We have 10 research stations on all major Hawaiian islands, over 150 faculty, and students from around the world. Our alumni have gone on to top jobs in industry, research, education, extension, and government.

Immerse yourself in classes in plant breeding and biochemical genetics, agronomy, ecosystems management, soil science, vegetable and fruit physiology, nursery management, landscape design, horticulture, food science, and bioenergy.

Get practical experience in the field, conduct research in the laboratory, and meet with farmers to understand their challenges.

student in the labOpen Doors to New Careers and Opportunities
Through the Plant Science and Genetics option, work as a research scientist, environmental scientist, teacher, consultant, research technician. The Production and Management option prepares you for careers as a botanical garden horticulturist, consultant, extension agent, golf course superintendent, flower and foliage producer, garden center operator, florist. The Environmental Soil Science option prepares you for work as a land reclamation specialist, consultant, natural resources scientist, environmental scientist, soil scientist, extension agent, technician. The Landscape Horticulture option prepares you to design, install, and maintain landscapes, manage golf courses and sports turf grass, and manage public horticulture operations as diverse as hotel grounds, public parks, and botanical gardens.

For Fun and Friends . . .
Join the Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences Undergraduate Society. You will make new friends with similar interests while hiking, visiting gardens, meeting with individuals in the various horticulture industries, raising plants, and other entertaining and educational adventures.

Are You Prepared?
To be ready for the Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences program, we recommend that you take the following courses in high school: biology, chemistry, algebra, trigonometry, and physics. If agriculture classes are available to you, they are useful for the Production and Management option. You should also work on developing your written communication, oral communication, and leadership skills.

Students transferring or planning to transfer from another institution, please contact the TPSS Office or Academic and Student Affairs Office for a list of required program courses, or visit our website.