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Internati​onal Agreements​ (MOU / MOA)

To facilitate cooperation and collaboration with an international university or research institute, it is often useful to establish a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) to formalize the partnership. Some foreign institutions may require an MOU in order for their researchers to travel internationally or to access funds for collaborative research.

The CTAHR Research Office coordinates international agreements for the college, and can assist faculty with this. An MOU may be established either directly with CTAHR, or with the University of Hawai at Manoa. Most of our MOUs have been established directly with CTAHR, and this requires only college review. Establishing an MOU with the University of Hawaii at Manoa is a somewhat lengthier process, and requires review by UH Manoa administration and the signature of the Chancellor. All MOUs with UH Manoa are listed at

Once an MOU has been signed, some foreign institutions may also require a “Memorandum of Agreement” (MOA) in order to implement specific activities described in general terms in the MOU. For example, an MOU may refer to generally to exchange of graduate students, while an MOA would refer specifically to an exchange of students between the laboratories of Dr. X and Dr. Y.

CTAHR currently has memoranda of understanding and/or agreement with the following institutions. Faculty visiting or collaborating with these institutions, or hosting visitors, are asked to inform the Research Office so that we can document our activities with them.

Current CTAHR MOU / MOA:

PartnerCountryEnd DateScope
#4 Zhejiang University¹ China06/25/2017UH Manoa
Asian Institute of Technology, BangkokThailand CTAHR
Center for Environment Research Education and DevelopmentVietnam08/21/2018CTAHR
China Agricultural University - In process of renewingChina08/28/2012UH Manoa
Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Freshwater Fisheries Research CenterChina CTAHR
Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (CATAS)China08/07/2015UH Manoa
Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (CATAS), Environment and Plant Protection Institute (EPPI)China02/06/2017CTAHR
Chinese Culture University (CCU)Taiwan03/31/2018UH Manoa
Chinese Culture University, College of Agriculture and College of ScienceTaiwan06/09/2016CTAHR
Guangdong Academy of Agricultural SciencesChina06/06/2016CTAHR
Hakuoh UniversityJapan05/23/2015UH Manoa - MOA
Hanyang University, College of Human EcologyKorea07/15/2019CTAHR
Hawaii County Econimic Opportunity CouncilHawaii (Hilo) CTAHR
Kasetsart UniversityThailand03/24/2018UH Manoa-CTAHR
Kasetsart University, Faculty of Agriculture at Kamphaeng Saen Thailand09/22/2016CTAHR
Korea Food Research InstituteKorea12/12/2016CTAHR
Meiji University, School of AgricultureJapan03/14/2017CTAHR
Nagasaki University Japan10/14/2017UH Manoa
National Chung-Hsing UniversityTaiwan03/27/2016UH Manoa
Northwest Agriculture and Forestry UniversityChina06/06/2018UH Manoa
Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT)India08/29/2015CTAHR-NREM
Qiongzhou UniversityChina11/16/2016CTAHR
Sejong University, College of Life SciencesKorea02/04/2019CTAHR-HNFAS
Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences China07/17/2017CTAHR
South China Agricultural University (SCAU)China06/23/2014CTAHR Summer Program Agreement
South China Agricultural University (SCAU) - In process of renewingChina09/05/2012UH Manoa
Suranaree University of TechnologyThailand04/02/2018UH Manoa-CTAHR
Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and ForestryVietnam12/08/2016CTAHR
University of TromsoNorway UH Manoa - Student Exchange Agreement
University of Tromso, Norwegian College of Fishery ScienceNorway CTAHR
Wonkwang UniversityKorea04/16/2014CTAHR-FCS
Xinjiang UniversityChina01/27/2018CTAHR
Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Flower Research Institute (FRI)China02/08/2017CTAHR
Yunnan Agricultural UniversityChina05/09/2017UH Manoa
Zhongkai University of Agriculture and TechnologyChina06/26/2019UH Manoa