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General Characteristics: Short to medium in height, stiffly erect, moderately stocky, maturing in less than 10 months, producing more than 20 oha which remain dormant for several weeks; distinguished by dark green petioles diffused with reddish brown.

Petiole: 55 to 70 cm. long, dark green slightly diffused with reddish-brown near base and at apex, reddish-brown at edge, a pink ring at base with paler pink for about 3 cm. above, curved at apex so that blade hangs almost vertically.

Leaf blade: 35 to 50 cm. Long, 25 to 35 cm. Wide, 30 to 40 cm. From tip to base of sinus, ovate, firm-chartaceous, dark green with bluish cast; piko light to dark purple; lobes wide and obtuse with shallow, wide sinus.

Corm: Flesh white with yellowish fibers; skin white; cormel about 4 to 6 cm. in diameter.

Origin, and derivation of name: Probably native of Japan; the derivation of the name is unknown.

Distribution: Grown in limited amount throughout islands, usually under upland culture.

Use: Chiefly as table taro; stalks and sprouts excellent as greens.

Remarks: Similar in quality and texture to Akado.

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