Vigna unguiculata

Also known as: blackeyed peas, southern peas

Subtropical and tropical annual legume


Plant Highlights

Cultural Traits


Seeding Method

Seed Cost: .50 $/lb

Seed Availability: Readily available


Cultivars commonly recommended by the Hawai`i Natural Resources Conservation Service include: 'Mississippi Pinkeye Purple Hull' which is reported to be root knot nematode resistant, burrowing nematode susceptible.


with sorghum-sudangrass hybrid, buckwheat

Soil Improvements

Pest Control

Management Attributes


Uses in the Pacific Region

No information is available in this database on this topic.

Uses in Hawai'i

The Hawai`i Natural Resources Conservation Service Technical Guide includes Cowpea (cv. 'Mississippi Pinkeye Purple Hull'). Their specification describes Cowpea as follows:

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