Woollypod Vetch
Vicia villosa ssp. dasycarpa

Also known as: Lana Vetch

Cool season annual legume


Plant Highlights

Cultural Traits


Seeding Method

Seed Cost: $1.05 $/lb

Seed Availability: Readily available


Cultivars commonly recommended by the Hawai`i Natural Resources Conservation Service include: 'Lana' which is reported to be root knot nematode susceptible.


with other legumes, grasses

Soil Improvements

Pest Control

Management Attributes



Uses in the Pacific Region

No information is available in this database on this topic.

Uses in Hawai`i

The Hawai`i Natural Resources Conservation Service Technical Guide includes Winter vetch (Vicia villosa varia, cv. 'Lana' and 'Namoi'). Their specification describes Winter vetch as follows:

For More Information

UC Davis On-line Cover Crop Index


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