Food Security, Food Sufficiency Resources

Food Self-Sufficiency in Hawaii

Economic Impacts of Increasing Hawaii’s Food Self-Sufficiency

World Health Organization, World Food Summit definition of Food Security

Inshipment Trend and Its Implications on Hawaii’s Food Security

Hawaii Agriculture 2010 – the most recent production statistics

Hawaii Agricultural Exports – released 2010, with 2008 as the most recent data

USDA Census of Agriculture in Hawaii 2007 – the most recent economically detailed (every 5 years) statistical census of agriculture

2011 Maui County Data Book; with 2008 as most recent data, and gives more details than the state statistics (I assume similar information is available for the other counties)

Home Gardening in Hawaii; 1943 CTAHR publication on all aspects of year round gardening

The Hawai‘i County Food Self-Sufficiency Baseline -- study was commissioned by the County of Hawaii Research and Development Division to help inform the public and policy makers about the current status of food production on the island of Hawaii.

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These webpages were originally generated under a grant program from Western SARE entitled "New Farmers: Choosing the Road Less Traveled" EW03-002 (2004-2006). Toward Sustainable Agriculture (downloadable .pdf)